emo lyrics quiz

Prove it wasn’t just a phase by scoring full marks in this emo lyrics quiz

Haven’t you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?


There’s a Dirty Little Secret that I believe a lot of people clicking on this article likely have. Gone are the days that we have to be stuck in The Middle ground between liking emo music and loving it – that’s right, we’ve gone through lots of Hard Times to get here, so let’s not Fall Out, Boy… sorry.

Seriously though, for all of us former emo-obsessed people, it can be quite hard to get back into the music without feeling the ridicule of your siblings/parents/friends from years ago, but HERE IS YOUR SIGN to start embracing it again. No longer does it have to be a hidden love! We can revel in our passion of all things emo, and this emo lyrics quiz is the first step. Below are 12 lyrics to popular emo songs, and all you must do is correctly identify which group sang them. Easy, right?

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