Only a true sk8erboi will get full marks in this Avril Lavigne lyrics quiz

Chill out, what ya yellin’ for?

Why doesn’t anyone dress like Avril Lavigne anymore? Layers of thick eyeliner and studded bracelets aren’t cool nowadays (somehow), but does that mean that she’ll stop dressing like that? Hell no, and that’s admirable because I reckon a load of people would happily relinquish their long-forgotten emo days, dragging out every bit of black they can find in the wardrobe.

However, although the fashion of that time is very much behind us, I can safely bet that the majority of her lyrics have clung on in that little brain of yours. So, are you an Avril Lavigne obsessive, or are you a fake fan? Now is the time to find out – below are lyrics to ten of her biggest hits, and all you must do is match the correct following line.

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