beer poster trend tiktok

This is how to do the beer poster trend everyone is doing on TikTok

It’s this year’s Vogue challenge

TikTok is the app to go to for photography challenges and special effects that alter your pictures. Last year it was the Vogue challenge, which saw people turn pictures of themselves into magazine covers and now girls are doing the beer poster trend on TikTok.

This latest trend essentially involves girls sharing videos of themselves transforming an ordinary picture of themselves into beer posters. They either do it for their boyfriend or just for themselves, cause why not?

@kamilawhite2sneak peak to our new home decor ##ad ##beerposter♬ Change Ya Life – Haiti Babii

It’s been around for a few weeks and the hashtag already has over 50 million views. Though it’s pretty simple to create many people have commented on the videos asking how they can create their own beer poster.

This is your exact guide how on to create a beer poster and be part of the TikTok trend:

1. Select a picture of yourself you like, lots of people have been doing bikini shots but it can be anything.

2. Download and open the “Pics Art” app, though there are many other apps you can use.

3. Upload your picture of yourself.

4. The app has many different beer stickers you can add to the photo of yourself including Coronas, Budweiser and Heineken.

5. However you can also use images from the Internet of other brands and add them to the image using the “add photo” tool.

6. If adding in your own images you can use the “eraser” and “restore tool” to edit the bottles or logo around you so it looks like you’re part of the poster.

7. Add any other filters you want and press “next” and then “save”.

8. You can then share it on TikTok.

There you have it, a cool beer poster picture your boyfriend probably won’t appreciate.

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