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Here’s the true story behind the ‘oh, what a day’ TikTok audio and where it came from

Some people are calling it ‘distasteful’ and ‘uncomfortable’

Right now people are saying the “oh, what a day” TikTok audio has been stuck in their heads for ages, However, some who know the true story behind it are calling out the audio, saying it’s “distasteful” and they feel “super uncomfortable” about it.

The “what a day” sound is in a couple of TikTok audios. One says: “You’ve done really well looking at everything that you’ve done” “Oh, what a day” “I know, it’s all a bit much isn’t it”. Another has some music, followed by just the “oh, what a day” part of it.

The sound is actually a clip from Katie Price: Harvey and Me, a BBC documentary from earlier this year, following Katie Price and her son Harvey. Harvey was born with septic optic dysplasia, a very rare condition which affects brain function, hormones and vision.

In the scene, Katie and Harvey go to look around a potential college for him to go to. Harvey becomes visibly distressed whilst being shown around the college and needs to leave.

Here’s the original clip of where the ‘Oh, what a day’ TikTok audio actually came from (for the sound itself go to 1.40):

Some people on TikTok are saying they love Harvey and he’s an “icon”, but others are calling out the audio. One Twitter user said: “Can’t help but feel super uncomfortable with Harvey Price’s audio trending on TikTok (where he says ‘oh, what a day!’) being used by whole ass companies and non-disabled people, even being turned into memes.”

She went on to say: “As someone who has seen first hand with how people treat people with autism in society, it feels very distasteful.”

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