28 xtremes

What exactly is the 28 Xtremes challenge everyone is doing on TikTok?

This is only for people for can actually handle spicy food

TikTok challenges are a big part of the app, always on our FYPs and this latest one is only for those who can handle their spice, this week’s challenge is the 28 Xtremes Challenge.

The hashtag associated with the challenge already has nearly 2 billion views and the challenge basically involves eating really spicy almonds.

Whilst not as extreme as the cinnamon and Mentos and Diet Coke challenges from our teenage years, this is still a pretty intense task.

@cheekyboyosOne of the toughest challenges we’ve faced @bluediamond ##ad ##28XTREMES ##BlueDiamond ##DoAtYourOwnRisk ##Superfood♬ BlueDiamond28XtremesChallenge – SOUTH Music

What actually is the 28 Xtremes Challenge?

This new TikTok challenge involves people eating 28 almonds from Blue Diamond’s new range of spicy almonds.

There are three flavours of nut. The first is Cayenne Pepper which is hot, Ghost Pepper which is hotter and Carolina Reaper, which are the hottest of the almonds.

People on TikTok are essentially 28 of the almonds without stopping.

@snackqweenjoin me in the ##28XTREMES challenge, can you eat all 28? @bluediamond ##ad ##BlueDiamondAlmonds ##DoAtYourOwnRisk ##Superfood♬ BlueDiamond28XtremesChallenge – SOUTH Music

The challenge is a sponsored TikTok challenge, meaning TikTok are working in association with the company Blue Diamonds to promote the new almonds.

It’s not really clear why it is 28 almonds specifically but it seems to be just the right amount to get people struggling and sweating with the heat from the almonds.

I think I’ll just stick to classic almonds for now.

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