have you ever been in love

Ok so where does the TikTok ‘have you ever been in love?’ audio actually come from?

It’s from a classic TV show

Every week on TikTok there’s always a new audio that everyone uses. Currently it’s “have you seen the state of her body?” But one that’s been enduring for what seems like the whole month is the “have you ever been in love?” audio, but where is this viral TikTok sound actually from?

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If you haven’t actually heard this viral audio being used on TikTok it’s a conversation between two girls and it goes a little something like this:

First girl: “Have you ever been in love?”

Second girl: “I don’t think so.”

First girl: “Do you want me to describe it to you?”

People are using the audio and then playing music whilst doing a slideshow compilation of a set of images and videos.

It started out with people using it genuinely to show their relationship. But now people are using it to describe a whole bunch of things that are not lovely such as what it’s really like living with a man or what top set maths is actually like. The audio ends with the first girl saying: “That’s what love feels like.”

But where does the ‘have you ever been in love’ audio actually come from?

Well this viral sound is from the classic teen show Skins. And honestly I’m ashamed I didn’t realise it sooner.

The conversation is between Cassie and Jal in series two, episode five. Cassie is describing what love feels like whilst holding up a knife.

It’s from the episode which revolves around Chris where he and Jal fall in love and then Cassie tells Chris Jal has left him and they get together instead.

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There’s also some music which is involved in the TikTok sound and that is a cover of Kanye West’s Runaway.

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