PSA: You can now block your ex from seeing you on Tinder – here’s how to do it

Now you literally never have to see them again

Yet again Tinder knows how to make all of our dreams come true, by unveiling a new feature that lets you block your ex – so now you never have to live in fear of unexpectedly coming across them ever again.

As well as this new feature for how to block your ex, Tinder is letting you choose to “avoid” literally anyone in your phone’s contacts – so you can block course mates, your cousin, or that weird housemate you had in halls.

Tinder conducted a study, and found over 40 per cent of people found their ex on the app, whilst 24 per cent have found a family member. If the thought of either of those happening makes you feel physically ill, this is the perfect feature for you.

They say the feature gives you “more control over your experience on Tinder”, which helps give you “peace of mind” and swipe freely.

Being able to block contacts (your ex) was initially trialled by Tinder in India, Korea and Japan, where users on average blocked about 12 people.

Here’s how to finally block your ex from seeing you on Tinder:

Step one: Open up Tinder and go to your settings

When you open up Tinder, you may get a pop-up message like the one above, explaining you can choose to block certain people you know. Click “Continue”.

If you don’t get this message, simply go to your settings, scroll down to where it says “Block contacts”, and click this.

Step two: Allow Tinder to access your contacts

how to block your ex on tinder

Obviously, if you want to block contacts from seeing you, you’ll need to allow Tinder to access your contacts so you can tell the app who you want to avoid.

Step three: Select your contacts/the ex you want to block on Tinder

how to block your ex on tinder

Select your phone’s contact of your ex, cousin, colleague, or simply just anyone with a J name, and click block – et voila, they won’t be able to find you on Tinder any more! You can now scroll in peace – happy swiping.

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