One in five young people haven’t had sex in over a year, since the start of lockdown

The Tab asked 25,000 students if they’ve had sex since March 2020

More than one in five students and young people haven’t had sex in over a year – since the start of lockdown in March 2020.

Of over 25,000 people who responded to The Tab’s Instagram polls, 22 per cent said they haven’t had sex at all in this time – almost 14 months.

The results vary across different universities around the country, too. More than one-third of London students haven’t had sex since March 2020, whereas almost all Newcastle students (85 per cent) have been shagging this year.

From today, May 17th, households are finally allowed to mix indoors again as part of the roadmap out of lockdown. Michael Gove has said the government wants to allow “friendly, intimate contact” between people – meaning for many of these people, sex may be finally back on the cards.

Of people The Tab surveyed about not having sex in a year, the majority cited being single and it being hard to find people as the main reason they haven’t been shagging.

Others said they’re scared of getting coronavirus, putting others at risk or breaking restrictions – or their parents or housemates won’t let them. One said: “I live in a village and have no car, I can’t exactly ask my parents for a lift”.

Some said they’re in a relationship but living away from their partner. Others said they’ve used the lockdown as a well-needed break from dating. One said: “I’m sick of men and needed a break from dating. I’ve had the option to have sex but I didn’t want to.”

The break from dating and having sex has also helped some young people realise they are LGBTQ+ and come to terms with their sexuality.

This year, 22-year-old Rosie realised she’s gay. She told The Tab: “In lockdown I had to stop distracting myself with dating and getting with random men, and without it I don’t think I would have realised who I really was.”

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