Anti-vax league table: The unis with the fewest students planning on getting the vaccine

Almost all Sheffield students told us they will get the coronavirus vaccine

The Tab asked over 26,000 students and young people if they’ll take the coronavirus vaccine when it’s offered to them, and the overwhelming majority said they will – despite the government suggesting otherwise.

94 per cent of the 26,542 students and young people told us via polls on our Instagram stories that they do plan on getting the vaccine, when they are allowed.

But whilst at every UK uni the majority of students say they’ll take the vaccine, the results vary across the country.

Bournemouth is the most anti-vax university, with 88.7 per cent of students saying they want the coronavirus vaccine. This means more than one in 10 Bournemouth students don’t plan on getting the vaccine.

Also at the bottom of the list are Lancaster and Southampton, with 92 and 92.3 per cent of students respectively telling The Tab they will take the vaccine – lower than the national average of 94 per cent.

The most pro-vaccine university is Sheffield, with almost all students (98.1 per cent) saying they want the vaccine when it’s offered to them.

97.5 per cent of Cambridge students and 96.5 of Newcastle students also said they will take the vaccine.

The percentage of students at each university planning on getting the coronavirus vaccine, ranked from lowest to highest:

Bournemouth88.7 per cent

Lancaster: 92 per cent

Southampton: 92.3 per cent

Oxford: 92.5 per cent

Sussex: 92.8 per cent

Manchester: 93.1 per cent

Warwick: 93.1 per cent

Oxford Brookes93.5 per cent

Liverpool93.6 per cent

Durham93.9 per cent

UK student average: 94 per cent

Nottingham94.3 per cent

York94.4 per cent

Leeds94.5 per cent

Glasgow94.9 per cent

Exeter95.1 per cent

Edinburgh95.2 per cent

Lincoln95.3 per cent

London96.4 per cent

Newcastle96.5 per cent

Cambridge97.5 per cent

Sheffield98.1 per cent

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