Ok but why do these 43 things always happen to girls the minute the sun comes out?

I’d just like one summer day without boob sweat

The hot weather has thankfully finally arrived and now everyday is spent rotating your time between the park, the pub and trips to the beach. It’s all about tinnies, sunburn and if you’re a girl – avoiding getting catcalled for your short dress.

The sunny days are truly great, however being a girl in summer also has a lot of difficulties. Unlike men we can’t just strip off in the park, every outfit choice we make is calculated to ensure maximum temperature cooling and minimum attention grabbing. It’s a hot day we just want to walk around in a bra and shorts but we can’t because there will always be some guy wolf whistling or making an uncomfortable stare at us.

And it’s not just what we wear that can make summer full of problems. Sweat ruins your make up, leaves ass prints on chairs and has you constantly wondering if you have BO. And let’s not even begin with the multitude of issues that arise when you open up the fake tan.

Every single girl will relate to at least half of these 43 problems which always happen the minute the sun shines:

1. Boob sweat

2. The subsequent chest acne caused by boob sweat

3. Back acne

4. Opening your wardrobe and realising you have no summer clothes

5. In reality you do have summer clothes but it’s been so long since you’ve worn them you have no idea what to wear

6. And then of course not wanting to wear anything too revealing because you know you’ll get catcalled

7. Putting away the shorts and crop top and grabbing a dress

8. Men still leering, wolf whistling, cat calling at us from vans, on the street – basically any public place

9. A gust of wind will have you seriously panicking your skirt or dress has got you looking like Marilyn Monroe

10. If you have big boobs you’re deciding if you want to avoid unwanted attention or keep cool

11. And then not being able to wear those cute little summer tops that you can’t wear a bra with

12. Just walking straight out of a shop when you see the flimsy summer tops with zero support

13. Don’t even bother with a strapless top as there will be no strapless bras that work

14. Seriously you will just be pulling it up throughout bottomless brunch

15. Again with shorts and knowing half your arse would be hanging out if you wore them

16. Not knowing what to wear when your period strikes on the hottest day of the year

17, You can forget anything white and will probably end up in jeans

18. White trousers in general will just never stay white

19. Your makeup running so quickly that you might not as wear it at all

20. Literally panda eyes in seconds and foundation melting down your face

21. Having long hair that literally sticks to every single body part because of sweat/ sun cream

22. When you stand up from a chair and there’s a sweat print of your ass

23. The squelch sound and sticking to your legs when you get off a leather chair

24. Sweating excessively and being very paranoid you now stink of BO

25. Shaving for the first time in six months

26. Fake tan, where do we even begin?

27. Knowing which day to fake tan is crucial

28. You want to look good for your event on Thursday but equally need to be tanned for Sunday

29. Inevitably you will miss a patch and end up with a streaky tan

30. Your white clothes being ruined by the fake tan

31. Ditto your bed sheets

32. Chafing

33. Getting sunburnt on your shoulders and then realising you can’t wear that really cute outfit you planned out

34. And putting a bra on feels close to torture

35. Wondering if you should take a jacket with you, and immediately regretting it either way you choose

36. Bringing out the sandals for the first time, painting your toes, thinking you look great

37. And then boom – blisters within 30 minutes

38. But if you wear trainers your feet have never felt hotter, or smelt worse

39. If you wear rings you will never be able to get them off because of the heat making your fingers swell up

40. All the dresses you wanna wear don’t have pockets so you have to bring a jacket, bag or just hold everything in your hands

41. Frizzy hair

42. Your phone dying after an hour because it’s over heated

43. And then not being able to take any pictures for your hot girl summer

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