You can only call yourself a posh girl if your bedroom has 31/37 of these things

Obviously you can’t own anything from IKEA

We all know a posh girl at uni whose room looks like something out of Made in Chelsea. Her bedding is white, pristine and never covered in fake tan. She has all the cool scandi stuff that’s over Insta and would never dream of buying anything from IKEA or Wilko.

And that’s just her uni room, back home she’s probably got a walk in wardrobe and separate dressing room. It’ll have thousands of cushions and thick curtains. It just looks and smells posh, which is mainly the Jo Malone candles.

If you’re thinking your bedroom, (and let’s face it your home bedroom) is boujie, then you need to consult our list of the items all posh girls have in their bedrooms. Because honestly, only posh girls have a jewellery box featuring family heirlooms and a king sized bed with a headboard.

You can only call yourself a posh girl if your bedroom contains at least 31/37 items:

1. A Jo Malone candle

2. A wall hanging or trinkets from your gap yah travels

3. A cashmere throw

4. A MacBook thrown on the bed because daddy can just buy you a new one

5. A bookshelf full of colour coded books

6. A few are defo by Pandora Sykes or Dolly Alderton


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7. Bedding from The White Company

8. Scatter cushions

9. At least four pillows

10. A feather down duvet

11. A king sized bed with a headboard

12. The new Ugg slippers

13. Lots and lots of plants

14. Those Scandi style twisted candles

15. A yoga mat


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16. A walk-in wardrobe or at least a double wardrobe

17. A boujie wallpaper

18. Or a neutral painted wall

19. A dressing table, that’s probably an antique

20. Or a full on dressing room complete with light up mirror

21. Featuring a Dyson Airwrap of course

22. And then of course an ensuite

23. A record player

24. A set of silk pyjamas

25. A full length mirror

26. A jewellery box featuring vintage jewellery or family heirlooms

27. Or just *that* Vivienne Westwood choker necklace

28. Matching side tables with matching lamps


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29. A pile of ‘vintage’ clothes you’re selling on Depop, including a charity shop T-shirt for at least £40

30. A horse riding hat you haven’t used since you were 12

31. A scalloped velvet chair, which is probably pink

32. A collection of Vogue magazines, because you can actually afford to spend £4 every month on a magazine

33. An ottoman with said Vogue magazines on

34. A fluffy rug that is not actually from IKEA

35. A desk separate from the dressing table to do work on

36. Complete with leather bound notepad and Chilly’s water bottle

37. And fresh flowers in a vase on the desk, probably on a decorative tray

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