If you own at least 47/55 of these items then your home is radiating Tory energy

No. 49 a welly stand


At uni you can usually get away with pretending you don’t come from a Tory family, or even worse, horror of horrors, you yourself are a Tory. You can avoid the prosecco, talk about your love of Keir Starmer and shop at Aldi. However when your uni friends Facetime you at home or come to your family home, there is no denying your Tory origins.

Certain objects in your home just scream Tory. The bunting pillows, wicker storage baskets and soap dispenser your mum thinks make a house a home give off the huge signal “I vote Conservative.”

Seemingly average objects that are in a lot of UK homes are just typical of Tory voters, they are generally what you’d consider posh, but sometimes it is items in the majority of homes like a “Live Laugh Love” sign that also radiate Tory energy. If you have at least 47/55 items in your home, then I’m sorry to tell you this, but you my friend, are a Tory.

These are the 55 household objects that radiate Tory energy:

1. Union Jack and bunting pillows

2. Sea/beach themed items

3. Monthly gin subscriptions

4. Tyrells crisps

5. Waitrose essentials

6. Aga

7. Le Creuset pot

8. Cafetiere

9. Cloth napkins

10. Live Love Laugh sign

11. Smart TV

12. Nutribullet

13. Fridge with an ice dispenser

14. Pink gin

15. Reusable hessian shopping bag

16. Labradors

17. Alfie Deyes’ book

18. Some form of homemade produce like jam or honey

19. Emma Bridgewater mugs

20. Wine fridge

21. A fully stacked bookshelf full of impressive looking books no one has ever had read

22. Wicker storage boxes

23. A working fireplace

24. A stack of logs for said fireplace in a kindling holder

25. Grey throw blankets

26. Little decorative bowls specifically for crisps

27. Jamie Oliver cook books

28. Colour coordinated Christmas decorations

29. An orangery

30. A bunch of kitchen gadgets you have no idea what they’re used for

31. Scatter cushions

32. Cake stand with glass dome

33. Multiple vases

34. Essential oil diffusers

35. Pizza oven

36. Ceramic butter dish

37. Carafe

38. A Kitchen Aid

39. Slate serving boards

40. Anything from The White Company

41. Farrow and Ball paint on the walls

42. Matching towel sets

43. Soap dispenser

44. Decorative objects that do absolutely nothing

45. A separate room for laundry

46. Table runners

47. Oak cheeseboard

48. Personalised stationery

49. Welly stand

50. Jute doormat

51. A wooden swing attached a tree

52. An outdoor clock

53. Letter opener

54. Maldon salt

55. Pantry

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