‘It’s about your mindset’: We asked 11 girls how they’re going to have a hot girl summer

‘If there’s sun and tinnies – I’m there’

It’s the thing we’ve dreamt about, pinned all future hopes on, and now it’s finally happening – hot girl summer has arrived.

After months inside slogging over work, with your friendships limited to Zoom and the only wild thing about Friday night is a bottle of wine with your parents watching Midsomer Murders, it’s finally time to get out and have the best summer of our lives.

Summer is always everyone’s favourite time of year but this time round after the pandemic there’s a massive expectation that this is going to be THE hot girl summer for everyone.

The term originally came about three years ago thanks to Megan Thee Stallion, and it still hasn’t lost its importance. In fact in the darkest moments of lockdown it became even more important to everyone as the only thing getting them through. All anyone is thinking about is getting dressed up in their latest Zara dress, drinking an Aperol Spritz, seeing their mates and having their best life possible.

But what does this “best life” mean? We spoke to 11 girls to get a better understanding of what hot girl summer actually means to them.

Their plans were different, some are getting into yoga whereas others are travelling the world (within restrictions). But the general feeling was an overwhelming one of doing “whatever the fuck I want”. The girls wanted to prioritise themselves and their mates above anything. After a year of lockdown no one was concerned about having perfect abs, instead they’re embracing all the things we can now do again and stop caring what everyone else thinks.

This is how 11 girls are going to have the best hot girl summer this year:

‘I’m trying to get better at feeling more confident in my own skin’

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Hot girl summer to me is all about girls having fun on their own terms – not about being “hot” to guys but just loving life as they are.

Very annoyingly, I’m working two jobs during hot girl summer but still can’t wait to get back to socialising as normal with friends! It’s also going to be my first (and last) full summer at uni and I can’t wait to have fun with all my uni pals as well as have friends from home come stay!

I think I’ve been very lucky as during lockdown I started looking after myself a bit more (even minor things like getting a proper skincare routine). So to prepare for hot girl summer I’m trying to get better at feeling more confident in my own skin.


‘I just want to do all the things we haven’t been able to do for so long’

Hot girl summer is all about your mindset – it just means having fun with your mates and all-around living your best life.

I just want to do all the things we haven’t been able to do for so long – get dressed up again to go on nights out, go for brunches and dinners, have fun dates and drink cocktails, and have WAY too many late nights.

I’ve spent a lot of lockdown working on myself, my mindset and my mental health, and I’m excited to now just have the best time possible.


‘I want to do things that I always like the sound of but never got round to doing’

Hot girl summer to me means a chance to just fully embrace myself and enjoy whatever time I can get with my family and friends. I’ve spent a lot of the past year struggling with my mental health so having a goal of simply enjoying summer without worrying about uni does excite me quite a lot.

I want to do things that I always like the sound of but never got round to doing and with regulations easing I think it’s the perfect time. So things like do yoga on the beach, watch the sunrise, explore nearby places that I’ve always wanted to go to.

My friends and I are planning trips within the UK in summer as well. I’m making up lists of things I want to do (my hot girl summer bucket list) and hopefully will start booking stuff in preparation too.


‘Hot girl summer means feeling your best’

I think hot girl summer means feeling your best. So feeling confident, feeling happy and just feeling good about yourself. I think it used to just mean losing weight and “glowing up” but I think recently more people on social media have said it’s a mindset rather than how you look and I agree, it’s much more healthier to look at it like that.

I think I’m going to start going to the gym and just being more active, not because I want to lose weight but because I’ve just been sat at a desk in my room or in the library finishing my last year of uni so I just feel so inactive. And I think also stuff that is more “hot girl summer” so like getting my nails done and getting lashes but not necessarily to “glow up”, these things just make me feel good and I haven’t been doing them as much because of the pandemic.

I think for me hot girl summer is going to be like spending loads of time with my friends, doing stuff we haven’t been able to do for like 12-14 months, go out and go to festivals (if June 21st plans go ahead. I think mainly hot girl summer means having fun and feeling good so I’m going to try and do stuff that’s fun and makes me feel good.


‘I want to go back to my university city after not being there this year’

I leave to study abroad mid August so hot girl summer for me is going to be living my best life before I leave. I want to join the gym, see all my friends, do fun things and enjoy the lockdown restrictions easing! I want to fit an internship, I have most of my final year uni work to do (summer resits as I missed my deadlines).

So it’s gonna be busy but I want to have fun and work hard and just try to live my best life. I have a UK trip planned with my best friend and want to go back to my university city (Brighton) after not being there this year.


‘I’ll be bathing in Hawaiian Tropic, wearing head to toe Zara and might download Hinge too’

For me, hot girl summer is about feeling fit, looking fit and oozing confidence. It’s not about doing three HIIT classes a day or sacking off potatoes and bread – it’s about owning the person you are now after the year we’ve had and flourishing. It’s an awakening.

I’ll be bathing in Hawaiian Tropic, wearing head to toe Zara and investing in a really good pair of sunglasses. Might download Hinge too. Listening to Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia and Lady Gaga – Chromatica back to back in preparation for the moment I hear either on the dance floor.


‘It’s experiencing everything we’ve missed out on this past year’

Honestly for me I think it’s just about going out and experiencing everything we’ve missed out on this past year with my friends.

Going to festivals, nights out – that’s my priority especially when we’ve got no uni work to worry about.


‘There’s a lot of pressure to get hot girl summer right’

Okay so Hot Girl summer means doing whatever the FUCK I want. I’m not doing much preparation apart from making loads of bookings and spending all my money on clothes.

I think there’s a lot of pressure to get hot girl summer right but I just wanna be around people that make me happy and have a laugh and ENJOY myself!!

Hot girl summer has suddenly become all about having loads of sex or finding a partner or going on dates – which can be fun but can also be a lot of hassle so just do what u actually want to WOOO.


‘I just went through a break up so it also means way more independence’

Well first and foremost hot girl summer to me and many others means Megan Thee Stallion supremacy, her music is so summery and confident (hopefully will be seeing her at Parklife in Manchester if all goes ahead!). But generally it means doing whatever is gonna make you most happy in summer and putting yourself and friends first.

I think also people talk about it with such anticipation but at the end of the day its more lighthearted than #bikinibodyready or #summerbodygoals. It’s actually not that pressurising its about making plans that prioritise your well being and cutting off bad things in your life.

I just went through a break up so it also means way more independence and not worrying about someone else.

I’m hoping to go to Portugal with a few friends if it doesn’t get cancelled. Other than that I’m hoping to just enjoy good weather in my amazing third year house with great friends. It’s not about prepping your appearance or being literally “hot” its about getting yourself in the state of mind.


‘I’m going to try to just stop caring about what people think’

To me, a hot girl summer is all about not giving a fuck. It’s about having fun with your mates and doing what makes you happy. It’s not about having the latest trending wardrobe or having an impeccably toned body. I strongly believe that when you’re feeling good, you’re looking good. I’m going to make the most of my free time and try to just stop caring about what people think.

Also I’m going to remember that no one is going to care about what I do – they’ve also spent a whole year inside and will be thinking about what they want to do themselves. Especially since I’ve just come out as gay, I’m more than ready to be myself this summer and have the best time.

The most important thing I’m going to remember is the fact that a hot girl summer is a mindset. I am just going to do what I want to do and not force myself to be anywhere or with anyone who doesn’t make me comfortable. I am more than ready to surround myself with the people I love the most and celebrate with them.


‘If there’s sun and tinnies – I’m there’

It’s basically all about embracing yourself, and living just for you. Putting everything aside, and focusing on living your absolute best life and not giving a single damn about what people think.

My plans for hot girl summer are just surrounding myself with loads of my friends, getting drunk in the common and going out for loads of meals and pub trips now that we can. If possible I want to get back to travelling and seeing the world. If there’s sun and tinnies – I’m there.

I’m preparing for it by ordering basically a whole new wardrobe and filling my entire fridge with booze so at the drop of the hat if anyone wants to spend the day in the park – I’m ready.


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