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Ok, here’s what all the crowns on TikTok mean and how to get one yourself

The royal recognition you really deserve

If you’ve been on TikTok recently you might have seen there’s a sudden craze for people having a crown on their profile pictures and wondered how to get one for yourself. TikTok has introduced a whole load of new features recently, and this is just one of them.

People have been noticing that they’ve randomly had a crown appear over their profile picture and they’ve not known why. It’s quite a simple explanation really – the crown on TikTok means you’ve used the new Magic Animation effect. In short, TikTok is rewarding people who use the new features with a lil crown to show off. It’s a nice cute gesture, really.

So if you want to be recognised as a TikTok royal, here’s how to get a crown on your profile.

Here’s how to get a crown on your profile picture on TikTok:

It’s really simple, so here’s a step by step guide.

• Click the “+” to upload or record a new video

• Click on “effects” next to where the camera button is

• Click on the “Magic Animation” effect which looks like a bald head over an orange sparkly glitter background

• Film and upload a video using this filter and then the crown will automatically be added to your profile

Apparently the crown stays even if you delete the video after. So if you don’t particularly like the effect video, you should be able to just get rid of it.

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