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How to use the beauty filter that everyone is using on TikTok right now

This is ridiculous but I’m obsessed

Right now, one of the big viral trends on TikTok is people taking a beauty filter and applying it to themselves 10 times. The results are pretty ridiculous, but it is weirdly fascinating to watch – so you might be wondering how to do it yourself.

Most of the time, people will either take a selfie or use the in-app recording on TikTok to take a video there and then. Users will put Beyonce – Countdown as the audio, and as she counts will apply the filter over and over until you literally look fresh out of a very photoshopped magazine shoot.

So here’s how to find and use the beauty filter, if you want to do the TikTok challenge yourself – or just to see what you and your mates look like, that’s cool too.

@georgias_private_storyApparently I don’t have enough hair##viral ##fyp ##beautyfilter ##faceapp

♬ original sound – user3176645072040

So here’s how to use the beauty filter which is all over TikTok right now:

The filter is actually part of the app FaceApp, which is behind loads of other viral TikTok trends such as the ageing filter, the gender swap filter and the big face filter.

TikTok, FaceApp, Beauty Filter, Hollywood, filter, challenge

via FaceApp

• First you need to download FaceApp – which is in the Apple App store as “FaceApp – AI Face Editor”

• In the app you can then take or upload the picture you want to use, or use a photo of a celebrity which the app gives you as an option

• Then select “showcase” from the filters bar along the bottom of the screen

• The showcase option then opens up a whole load of filters, and the beauty filter is called “Hollywood” in the app

If you want to do the full beauty filter 10 times challenge which is going around TikTok, you will then have to upload each edited version and the add the filter again. Then you just upload all your pictures in a TikTok video and add Countdown as the audio.

Here are some more examples of people using it:

@annabelle.mcguire##beautyfilter ##fyp ##foryoupage ##filter ##bodypositivty

♬ original sound – user3176645072040

@harrietfairburn19I mean…. yes please ##fyp ##beautyfilter

♬ original sound – user3176645072040

@oliviagiaourtasWho is that? 😶 ##faceapp ##beautyfilter ##viral

♬ Countdown – Allison Venz

Pretty x

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