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How to use the new weird text to girl voice speech feature on TikTok, a guide

She gives me huge over enthusiastic American TV advert vibes

TikTok has a new feature which changes your text to a female voice speech within the app. Being able to have an automated text speech over your videos isn’t new, but the voice used for it has changed and has left everyone a little bewildered. Let’s just say, if you lived in a world where everyone spoke like American TV adverts, this is it.

The new feature gives you the option to change on screen captions to be spoken out loud by an American woman. TikTok originally rolled out the text-to-speech feature in late 2020, which allows users to change their captions to automated speech. However, the new voice comes off the back of some controversy, with the actor whose voice has been used previously reportedly suing TikTok’s parent company for using her voice without her permission. But, here’s a guide for how to use it anyway.

@gia.guidottiLike… why she sound like that tho…? ##tiktokupdate##fyp##confused##weird##ihateit##texttospeech##foryou##explainthis

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How to change text to voice speech on TikTok:

• Record or upload the video you want to post on TikTok

• Once you’ve saved your video, select the “add text” option at the bottom of the screen

• Write out your captions that you want to be spoken, and hold down the text box

• Then select “text-to-speech” and now the annoying American voice will automatically be applied! Enjoy!

As expected, people have had some interesting reactions to the new voice. Everyone is getting huge millennial girl boss vibes, with a hint of female cabin crew, salesperson and live, laugh, love.

And in case you’re wondering, no she cannot pronounce microwave.

@grandeicedlattei wonder if she can cook too ##fyp ##foryou ##texttospeech

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