Ok so there’s a new ‘trend’ of people on TikTok claiming they’re Madeleine McCann

This is… weird?

Last week, there was a girl who went viral on TikTok saying she thought she could be missing British girl Madeleine McCann. But now, it looks like the video has become part of a much wider “trend” as TikTok is literally flooded with people claiming they’re Madeleine McCann too.

This comes 14 years after Madeleine disappeared when she was aged three, from the family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3rd 2o07. Ahead of Madeleine’s 18th birthday this week, her parents Kate and Gerry have said they “hang onto hope” that they will find her, in a statement posted on the Find Madeleine website.

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In the first video, an unnamed TikTok user points at captions which read: “My mates joke about me being Madeleine McCann.” It then goes on to claim that the girl in the video was staying in the Praia da Luz area at the same time as the disappearance.

The clip concludes with a picture of Madeleine, compared to a picture of her as a child – where they do like strikingly similar. Madeleine McCann has an eye condition known as a Coloboma, which is extremely rare and means she has a freckle under her pupil – it appears the girl in the TikTok video may have something similar too.

The video didn’t go down well, with comments calling it “sick” and others asking “why would someone joke about this?”.

A further video claims the creator has an apartment in Praia da Luz which they have been going to for as long as they can remember. She says she is the same age as Madeleine, and when she was younger her parents were stopped in an airport and asked to prove she wasn’t the missing girl.

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Another TikTok video seems to poke fun at the whole “trend”, literally sharing photos saying her parents are Kate and Gerry McCann. She claims she looks exactly like Madeleine and hasn’t been able to find a birth certificate under her own name. Someone in the comments said: “On which planet is this considered funny?”.


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There are a number of videos where creators share pictures of themselves as children, and then compare them to pictures of Madeleine. One shares a childhood picture saying it’s a “popular opinion” that she looks like Madeleine McCann, before asking viewers to share their thoughts. Another also posts comparative pictures before concluding that she often gets “accused” of being Madeleine and that she had to “prove to police I wasn’t her”.

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Another video comes from an ex-Leeds Uni student, who famously went viral in 2017 when she posted screenshots from in her group chat saying she thinks she is Madeleine McCann. In the new video, captioned “when you can’t leave the house without being recognised for being Madeleine McCann”, she poses alongside all the news stories at the time of when she shared her theory.

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Even more strange, there are a number of users impersonating Madeleine, and changing their profile pictures and bios to look as if they are her – when she went missing. They are also commenting on videos as though they are her.

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