Quiz: Which Drag Race Down Under queen are you?

Fingers crossed you get Karen From Finance

Season 13 of Drag Race US and Season Two of Drag Race UK have finished and I for one feel slightly sad. But just when there was a big Drag Race-sized hole in your week, along came Drag Race Down Under to g’day its way into your heart.

We’re only three weeks in, but the campy fashion, dry humour, and shade have sashayed into your Sundays for the next couple of months.

Drag Race Down Under might not have the budget of American Drag Race or the wit of Drag Race UK, but the Aussie and Kiwi queens have already made us laugh and cry.

The incredible variety of queens is something to behold too. Anita and Kita are the most iconic, dynamic, Down Under duo since Kylie and Dani Minogue. Scarlet Adams has twirled her way into the top whilst Elektra Shock Beyonce-d her way into the bottom. Coco Jumbo may have lipsynced her last but her infectious energy made us smile.

Art Simone and Etcetera Etcetera have served us looks and creativity whilst Jojo Zaho brought passion to the runway. Maxi Shields may be incapable of matching the tone of her breast plate to her skin tone but she’s a joy to watch. And finally, there are too many iconic Karen From Finance moments to mention.

So, among this pack of memorable queens, which one are you? Are you creative like Art Simone? Loveable like Maxi Shields? Shady like Kita Mean? Outspoken like Jojo Zaho? Are you a triple threat like Scarlet Adams? Or do you have Anita Wig’lit’s dry wit and dark humour? Take this quiz to find out!

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