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Who are the makeup artists on BBC’s Glow Up and what are their Instagrams?

Meet all the MUAs of season three

If you haven’t been watching Glow Up on BBC iPlayer, what the hell have you been doing?

Heading into its fourth episode of season three tonight, the Maya Jama fronted competition show tests the skills and versatility of 10 MUAs as they compete to become Britain’s next makeup star. The show pushes the competitors to step out of their comfort zone and push the boundaries of what is possible with a makeup palette and raw talent.

The competitors are put under scrutiny from judges and Dominic Skinner and Val Garland. Skinner is a global senior makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. Garland is the L’Oréal Paris global makeup director, as well as being best known for working with huge celebrities including Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, the latter who she did the makeup on for the Born This Way album cover. Val has become iconic on the show due to the coveted exclamation of “ding dong!” she awards to her favourite faces of the week.

Here’s a look at all the talented artists competing this year and a showcase of the makeup they’ve been sharing over on Instagram:

Ryley – @ryleyisaac

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A post shared by Ryley Isaac (@ryleyisaac)

Followers: 714,000

Ryley is 19 and has gained a huge profile on her social media, where she’s known for featuring her birthmark and celebrating her differences.

Elliott – @bankselliot

Followers: 17,000

Manchester based Elliot is known for finding middle ground in between special fx and beauty makeup styles.

Sophie – @sophiebaverstock

Followers: 14,000

21-year-old London based Sophie is known for her detail and prides herself on her perfectionism.

Xavi – @xaviguillaume

Followers: 6,135

Xavi says he used makeup to put his feelings into a picture and that’s how he realised his talents.

Dolli – @dolli.glam

Followers: 11,600

London based Dolli is already proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the competition.

Nic – @nicmarilyn

Followers: 4,032

London based Nic also runs her own vegan eco glitter business called Disco Dust, alongside being a yoga and meditation teacher.

Craig – @craighamiltonartistry

Followers: 4,722

Northern Irish born Craig is now based in London, where he’s worked as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and NARS Cosmetics.

Jack – @jackoliverx

Followers: 6,670

Jack has had two years off makeup and is returning to show their skills. Alongside makeup, Jack’s worked as a front line care worker during the pandemic.

Samah – @samahsay

Followers: 27,800

Samah runs a popular makeup YouTube and works on a makeup counter in retail – she’s used to tricky customers, but can she take the judges?

Alex – @lipglosslezza

Followers: 6,030

Scouse icon and self described lipstick lesbian Alex can do it all. As well as being a fierce makeup artist, she’s a qualified hair and fashion stylist.

Watch Glow Up every Tuesday on BBC iPlayer from 7pm.

Featured image credit: @dolli.glam, @bankselliott, @sophiebaverstock

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