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How good would you be as an officer at AC-12? Take this quiz to find out

I do things to the LETTER of the LAW

One of the best parts of Line of Duty is discussing the theories with absolutely anyone who will listen to you after the show. They’re so good, Martin Compston has said the cast settle down with a glass of wine every Friday and have a Zoom call to discuss them, and he says the theories are pretty bang on. Some think that’s endearing, wholesome and prove there’s a great sense of community among the fans of the show. You know what I think that means? I have a secret skill in nailing bent coppers and Line of Duty has shown me that a job somewhere like AC-12 is actually my calling.

So now it’s time to put this to test, and find out how good you actually would be if you were part of the AC-12 team. Are you the next Kate Fleming? Or are you an absolute liability, who couldn’t sniff out a rat if it pissed on your leg and will probably end up dead. Find out here, once and for all.

Take this quiz to truly see how well you do working in AC-12 on Line of Duty:

Line of Duty season six concludes on Sunday on BBC One at 9pm. Previous episodes are available to catch up on, via iPlayer.

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