The Line of Duty cast drink wine and discuss fan theories on Zoom every week

Honestly this makes my heart so full

There’s just something about knowing that the cast of Line of Duty are all best friends in real life that makes the show even more enjoyable. You don’t feel weird about being completely obsessed with the series, because everyone involved in it is too. We share fan theories all the time, and Martin Compston has said the cast spend their Friday nights lapping it up.

In an interview on Radio 1 Newsbeat, Martin, who plays DI Steve Arnott, said that he, Vicky McClure (Kate Fleming), Adrian Dunbar (Ted Hastings) and the show’s creator Jed Mercurio will get together for “a few wines” and debrief on the week’s show and its response.

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He said: “We just talk everything over. One of my favourite things is reading all the fan theories. There are some absolutely wild ones. I saw someone had put together an acronym of something Jimmy Lakewell (one of the show’s characters) had said, and that led to the word ‘Carmichael’ (Patricia Carmichael – played by Anna Maxwell Martin). You just wonder who’s got time to sit there and come up with these things.”

He added that some of the theories they have read are “pretty on the money” ahead of the finale this weekend. 👀

Martin also said the cast are genuine “pals for life” and are “chuffed to bits” with how well this series has gone down with viewers. He said that he and Vicky can often turn into “being 12-year-olds by giggling and annoying Adrian” on-set.

Honestly, I love them so much and my heart is not ready for this to be over.

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