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If you can score 10/13 in this Line of Duty glossary quiz, you should join AC-12

There’s a CHIS in my MIT

When you’re watching Line of Duty, you’d be forgiven for just pretending you have any idea what’s going on when they’re casually throwing around multiple abbreviations in one sentence. But then, there are some of us who really know our stuff, and will ace the following Line of Duty glossary quiz – so much so that you should probably cut out the middle man and just apply for a job at AC-12 already.

Do you know your MIT from your OCG? Or what to do in a status zero and then what a status six might mean? How are you with your police rankings? Do you know your DCI from your FLO? And a classic, what does CHIS actually mean to you?

Some of us are made for the world of undercover operations and finding bent coppers, whereas others should just stick to the day job. So, it’s time to find out your true destiny. Let’s see if you’re joining the gang with Hastings, Fleming and Arnott and are really sucking diesel.

Take this Line of Duty glossary quiz to see if you could cut it in AC-12:

Line of Duty season six continues on Sunday. Previous episodes are available on iPlayer.

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