These 27 memes from last night’s Line of Duty will make you laugh like a wee donkey

Or maybe just break out a little Carmichael smirk idk

Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey – last night’s Line of Duty was an absolute vintage. It had Carmichael’s smirk, revelations about Jo, a whole car chase, and still left room for a tender moment between Steve and the gaffer.

Seeing Kate nearly get lost in distrust during the standoff was traumatic. We all saw how close she was to just pulling her weapon and going down in a hail of bullets. It was a lot to cope with, and memes are the only way we know to do so.

Here are 27 cracking memes from last night’s Line of Duty.

1. I don’t think Steve’s back would actually let him dance like this

2. Quite sad we didn’t get to see him being shot, ngl

3. It’s just sooooo obvious at this point

4. I swear to God that smirk is enough to drive me up the wall

5. Ted, I love you

6. Now you leave the wee donkey out of this, Mortimer

7. He’s going to die next week, isn’t he?

8. Sorry, but the eyes just don’t match

9. My bucket list is just ‘AC-12 pints’ over and over again

10. She definitely has nothing to hide

11. Can’t believe we got a car chase

12. Really respect Arnott for leaving the jobsworths on read

13. Get me to the Costa Del Bent Coppers

14. Just pretend you didn’t see it, mate

15. I’m really sure they’re just going to help Jo

16. She is Umbridge omg

17. Same

18. Somebody get Jenny on the case, now

19. There’s no other explanation

20. Now this is art

21. What did Donkey do to deserve being dragged into this?

22. They are baaaad news

23. Spoiler: no she won’t

24. Regs are regs, son


26. One lost their job for sabotaging their talented team’s chance of success, continuing years of failure in their hunt for the elusive reward. And the other one is Jo Davidson!!!!!

27. “wE dOn’T lEaVe ThE cAr SiMoN, tHiS iS tHe BoG”

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