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There’s no point in lying to ourselves anymore, Line of Duty is one of those shows where you just can’t help but love the cast. Every time I see a picture of Adrian, Vicky and Martin hanging out in real life it warms my heart, and nothing brings me more happiness than knowing that they’re all besties off camera too. So next thing is finding out just what their lives are actually like when the Line of Duty cameras aren’t rolling, so let’s start with their love lives.

From living together and running acting classes for children, to happily married with kids – the Line of Duty cast are all very busy being wholesome in their spare time. Here’s a lil look at the love lives of all the cast of Line of Duty, and try not to make it obvious when you scroll straight through to check if Steve Arnott is on the market.

Adrian Dunbar – Ted Hastings

Relationship status: Married

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Of course Adrian Dunbar is wholesome in real life, and has been married for over 30 years and has a child. The Northern Irish actor who plays Ted Hastings married his wife, Anna Nygh, in 1986. They have a daughter together called Madeleine Dunbar, who is in her 30s.

Adrian’s wife Anna is an actress too, and has also worked as a casting director. Madeleine has a degree from London’s Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and has worked as an actress as well.

Vicky McClure – Kate Fleming

Relationship status: Engaged

Line of Duty, love lives, cast, real life, partners, Vicky McClure, Kate Fleming, fiancee, partner

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Vicky McClure, who plays Kate Fleming, has been with her partner for eight years. She’s with another actor, Jonny Owen, and the pair got engaged on Christmas Day in 2017. The pair met onscreen, on the set of the film Svengali, where they played the part of a couple. Awkwardly, Jonny was already married at the time, but he later got divorced and he and Vicky have been together since 2013.

According to reports, the couple had hoped to be married by now – but due to hectic work schedules and then the pandemic, their wedding has been put back.

Martin Compston – Steve Arnott

Relationship status: Married (weep)

Line of Duty, love lives, cast, real life, partners, Martin Compston, Steve Arnott, wife, married

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I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Steve Arnott is not single. He’s played by 36-year-old Martin Compston, who has been happily married since 2016. His wife is Tianna Chanel Flynn, and she actually made a (kinda) cameo in Line of Duty once. Tianna is an actress, but according to OK! Magazine she mainly works as an estate agent in Las Vegas.

The couple met in a hotel in LA when she was working as a nightclub manager. They share a stunning home in Vegas together, and really do look like they’re living the life. I’m crying.

So, you might be wondering how and when she popped up on the show. In series five, DS Arnott received a message on a dating app and it came from a woman called Tina Watts, and in the picture is his real life wife.

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Kelly MacDonald – Joanne Davidson

Relationship status: Married

Line of Duty, love lives, cast, real life, partners, Kelly MacDonald, Joanne Davidson, husband

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Kelly MacDonald is another member of the Line of Duty cast who is married with children. The 45-year-old Scottish actress, who plays new detective Joanne Davidson, married her partner in 2003 and they have two sons together. You might know her husband, he’s backing vocalist and bassist, Dougie Payne, from the Scottish band Travis. Their two sons are called Theodore and Freddie.

Gregory Piper – Ryan Pilkington

Relationship status: In a relationship

Gregory Piper, Ryan Pilkington, girlfriend, real life

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23-year-old Gregory Piper, who plays villain Ryan Pilkington, definitely isn’t that villainous in real life. He and his girlfriend, Becca Fuller, look very loved up together. They’ve recently been pictured out together, arriving at a church where they run drama workshops for young people, which couldn’t be more different to how Ryan would spend his spare time.

Gregory and Becca are currently living together in the Midlands, and she’s an actress too. His Instagram is full to bursting with cute pictures of them both.

Shalom Brune-Franklin – Chloe Bishop

Relationship status: Single

Line of Duty, love lives, cast, real life, partners, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Chloe Bishop

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New DC, Chloe Bishop, is played by 26-year-old Shalom Brune-Franklin. In 2017, Shalom was reported to be dated a producer who worked with her in the series Doctor Doctor, and there are lots of pictures of them together. However, these pictures have since been deleted from her Instagram profile, so it looks like she’s single right now.

Line of Duty season six continues on Sunday on BBC One at 9pm. Previous episodes are available to catch up on, via iPlayer.

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