Line of Duty net worths: How much money the cast members have in real life

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I don’t mean to alarm you, but the latest series of Line of Duty is nearly over. So you only have a couple more weeks when it’s socially acceptable to talk about the cast and how obsessed you are with them. Last week, we dived right into the love lives of all the cast members, so now it’s time to talk money – what are the net worths of all the Line of Duty cast?

In an interview ahead of the last season, Vicky McClure, who plays Kate Fleming, confirmed that the cast members are paid the same, despite their airtime. She said: “I know I’m on the same pay as Adrian (Dunbar) and Martin (Compston). It doesn’t matter who gets the most screen time. We all come as a team. It’s not even a discussion. I’d be questioning what kind of production it was if that wasn’t the case.”

So, because we know you’re hooked on the ins and outs of everything Line of Duty, here are the net worths of the all the main cast members.

Vicky McClure – £13.6million

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via BBC

According to multiple reports, Vicky McClure has the highest of all the net worths of the Line of Duty cast. She’s reportedly worth a huge $19million (£13.65million). The actress and former model has been working in acting roles since she was quite young, with her breakthrough role in This Is England. Vicky has also been in BBC One psychological thriller The Replacement and in a number of films.

Kelly Macdonald – £5.7million

Line of Duty, BBC, cast, real life, net worths, worth, money, Kelly Macdonald

via BBC

Kelly is the second richest of the Line of Duty cast, with a reported net worth of around $8million (£5.75million). Alongside her TV roles, she is best known for being in films such as Trainspotting, as well as playing Evangeline in Nanny McPhee and Helena Ravenclaw in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Martin Compston –  £3.5million

Line of Duty, BBC, cast, real life, net worths, worth, money, Martin Compston

via BBC

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Martin Compston has a net worth of around $5 million (£3.5million). Martin Compston also started his acting career young, bagging lead role in Ken Loach’s Sweet Sixteen. He’s then starred in a number of TV shows and films, including The Wee Man, Traces, Monarch of the Glen and The Nest.

Adrian Dunbar – £2.1million

Line of Duty, BBC, cast, real life, net worths, worth, money, Adrian Dunbar

via BBC

According to CelebrityHow, Adrian Dunbar has a net worth of around $3million (£2.16million) from his career as an actor on TV and stage, as well as working as a screenwriter. He is a Northern Irish actor and director, and he co-wrote and starred in the 1991 film Hear My Song, nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the BAFTA awards.

Anna Maxwell Martin – £1.8million

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via BBC

No wonder she always has that smug smirk on her face, Anna Maxwell Martin’s net worth is estimated to be around £1.8million. You might recognise her from a number of other TV appearances, including Motherland, The Bletchley Circle and Bleak House. Her theatre work includes playing Lyra Belacqua in His Dark Materials at the Royal National Theatre.

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