rip would've loved memes

Just 23 ‘RIP would have loved’ tweets that are way funnier than they should be

‘RIP dinosaurs, you would have loved what they’ve done with chicken nuggets’

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make you laugh the most and this is the case with the latest meme format taking over Twitter – RIP would’ve loved memes.

The easy to copy format of “RIP famous person would’ve loved funny thing”, shouldn’t actually be that funny and yet here I am cackling away about how much Freud would have loved the TV show How I Met Your Mother.

The viral tweets are thought to have actually started because of a TikTok created by famous TikToker Isaac H.P., who created a video in January about Henry VIII. In the TikTok Isaac said it’s a shame Henry VIII didn’t live longer because he would have loved watching Alvin and The Chipmunks. Don’t know where he got that from, but I do agree with Isaac, who wouldn’t love Alvin and The Chipmunks?

These are the 23 funniest RIP would’ve loved memes:

1. He would have directed it tbh

2. An iconic tune

3. The show was made for him

4. Defo his vibe

5. A match made in heaven

6. Jane Austen was the OG Gossip Girl after all

7. Hahahahah

8. What a bargain this is x

9. You just know this would be his karaoke song

10. Co-written by Jay Gatsby

11. Who wouldn’t love what they’ve done with Turkey Dinosaurs?

12. The song would have been on repeat

13. The shrimps cancelled Cinnamon Toast

14. It truly is the better version

15. Would have been a much shorter story

16. It’s what all playwrights dream of

17. A classic movie

18. Diana would defo be a two for one cocktail gal

19. She would have seen every episode

20. Could have created a masterpiece

21. I laughed at this more than I should have

22. If only he’d had it

23. Was basically made for him

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