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Okay so Rupi Kaur has TikTok now, and here are some of the most bizarre ones

She reads her poems the *exact* way you’d expect

So it turns out Rupi Kaur, everyone’s favourite Instagram poet, has now moved on to performing her poetry on TikTok. Someone’s unearthed one of her videos and it’s, uhhhhh, interesting to say the least.

Let’s get one thing straight: The poem itself is fine. As well as having her TikTok, Rupi Kaur is literally a published author and is far more successful than you or I. But what is not fine, dear reader, is this performance, which is bizarre and downright harrowing. Watch it and weep:


If the the breathy voice wasn’t enough to put you on edge, the hand movements are pretty much soft porn. I know this year of lockdown has been hard on us all, but come on Rupi. I promise you, no one needs to see you talking about “fingers dipped inside me” whilst moving your fingers like that. This isn’t GCSE English, we all get the meaning of the poem without you having to do that.

Naturally, people had a lot to say about it. Here are some of the best reactions to *that* Rupi Kaur TikTok poem:

@waywardgxrl##rupikaur ##girlboss♬ original sound – big daddy

And here are some other, uh, interesting TikTok videos of Rupi Kaur performing her poetry:

@rupikaurhi hi hiiiii from page 158 from my book ‘home body’ ##rupikaur ##poetry ##fyp♬ original sound – rupikaur_

@rupikaurfriendship nostalgia from ##homebody ~ oh how i miss being a kid ##rupikaur ##poetry♬ original sound – rupikaur_

@rupikauri want a standing ovation for every person who moves toward the sun when there’s a shadow pulling them back on the inside ##homebody ##rupikaur ##poetry♬ original sound – rupikaur_

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