People are using the census to come out to their families for the first time

Hey Google play I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross

Anyone who’s LGBTQ+ has a coming out story, and every single one is personal and emotional. It can be incredibly hard and painful, or it can bring you even closer with your friends and family. Gay people have existed and been coming out for the whole of human history, but have suddenly had to face a brand new issue: The 2021 UK census.

For the first time ever, the government’s census included two (optional) questions about sexuality and gender identity. Obviously this is incredibly good for inclusivity, as well as meaning we can actually get proper data on LGBTQ+ people in the UK. The questions were voluntary and there was a super easy way of getting an individual access code, so anyone who didn’t want to be outed could fill out their census separately to the rest of their household. But lots people used the census as a way of coming out to their families, and of course have been tweeting all about it.

People used the census as a way of bringing up coming out to their parents and siblings, saying it may have not been the coming out they imagined but they’re glad it happened. Others said it felt like a big step to come out to the government. Whoever you’re out to – it’s a big win that should be celebrated.

Here are 21 tweets of people coming out via the census, which will make you feel seen:

1. I love statistics

2. Okay so now Boris knows more about me than my own mum

3. Butterflies!

4. Let’s add a little bit of … spice to that (I hope you read that in the TikTok voice)

5. Not a little step! A big and important step!

6. Brb getting my individual access code

7. Everyone knows!

8. Thanks, census

9. Same

10. A ✨mystery✨

11. Okay but this brought a tear to my eye

12. This is what a year of lockdown has done

13. A moment

14. Catch me on June 21st wearing this entire outfit

15. 👁👄👁

16. This is my new Tinder bio

17. We love to see it!

18. She better be on her way right now, Boris

19. ‘Oh, really?’

20. Iconic

21. Emosh <3

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