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Ranked: These are officially the most complained about Good Morning Britain moments

Shock! I’m seeing a lot of Piers here!

Last week, Good Morning Britain saw itself with a new entry in the league of the most complained about TV moments in history, as Piers Morgan said he didn’t believe Meghan Markle when she told Oprah she had previously had suicidal thoughts.

But since then, the moment has had more and more complaints, and is now the number one most complained about moment ever, overtaking a show which mocked Jesus and the KKK. Yes, really.

A new Uswitch study has confirmed that Good Morning Britain is now also the most complained about TV show of the decade – with over 60,000 complaints so far. So here’s a look back at the five most complained about Good Morning Britain moments of all time.

CW: Some of these moments reference homophobia, racism and suicide.

5.  September 2017 – 1,099 complaints – Conversion therapy

In September 2017, ITV was criticised for allowing gay conversion therapist, Dr Michael Davidson, onto the show to express his anti-gay views.  Piers and his co-host, Susanna Reid, challenged Davidson’s extreme views, calling people who supported gay cure therapy interventions “horrible little bigots”. The moment received nearly 1,100 complaints on the show.

4. November 2020 – 1,700 complaints – Rishi Sunak disputing furlough support

The only moment in the list not containing Piers Morgan was in November 2020, when over 1,700 complaints were brought to Ofcom. This was involving Ben Shepherd and Chancellor, Rishi Sunak – Ben began questioning the Chancellor about the help that was being given to the three million people who had been excluded from the furlough scheme during the pandemic. While being interviewed, the Chancellor disputed the numbers, leaving hundreds of viewers infuriated by the lack of support and information.

3. January 2020 – 1,756 complaints – Mimicking the Chinese language

1,756 complaints were brought to Ofcom in January 2020 over Good Morning Britain. ITV was forced to apologise for any offence caused by Piers Morgan after he mimicked the Chinese language during an episode. On January 21st, he mocked a Chinese milk advert starring Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson, Peter Phillips.

Ofcom agreed the moment had the potential to be particularly offensive, but it concluded no action should be taken following ITV’s public apology for the incident.

2. April 2020 – 5,501 complaints – Care Minister Helen Whately criticised by Piers Morgan for care home deaths

As the height of the first lockdown hit, Good Morning Britain was inundated with a string of complaints over two appearances from Care Minister, Helen Whately, as Piers argued over the number of deaths within care homes.

Ofcom received a large number of complaints stating Piers had a “combative” interview style and was attacking and bullying the Care Minister with his comments. Over 3,000 of these complaints were directly linked to the two incidents, with more over an interview with Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

1. March 2021 – 57,121 complaints – Comments about Meghan Markle

During an interview with Oprah, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke openly about their experiences as part of the royal family and eventually stepping back from their duties. Meghan reflected on her mental health, and spoke about how at one point she “didn’t want to be alive”. After this aired, Piers Morgan hosted Good Morning Britain and he said he didn’t believe Meghan’s claims about having suicidal thoughts.

As of 2pm that day, Ofcom had received 41,015 complaints and had launched an investigation. An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We have launched an investigation into Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain under our harm and offence rules.” Less than an hour later, it was announced that Piers Morgan had quit the show. Since, this has become the most complained about TV moment in history, let alone for Good Morning Britain, receiving 57,121 complaints.

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