All the times Piers Morgan should have been taken off the TV

He should’ve been sacked a long time ago

Last night, following the series of attacks he launched against Meghan Markle after that Oprah Winfrey interview, Piers Morgan has chosen to leave his role on ITV’s daytime talk show, Good Morning Britain. The outspoken talk show host has always prided himself on the use of freedom of speech, even when it comes to repeatedly attacking a pregnant woman live on air, mocking the LGBTQ+ community, and making crude comments toward his co-star’s choice of dress.

From choosing to identify as a penguin, to laughing along to Donald Trump’s inappropriate joke on The Apprentice, here is a look back at all the times Piers Morgan should have been fired there and then.

He said he wanted to identify as a ‘penguin’

Piers went on a rant against an aquarium in London that had decided not to assign a gender to a Gentoo penguin.

When asked by Charlotte Hawkins “can’t people be what they want to be?”, he replied and said: “No. They can’t.” He then went on to repeatedly say he was a penguin and he identified as a two-spirit penguin and wanted to live in an aquarium. He said he identified as a “two-spirit, gender-neutral, pangender, gender fluid, femme penguin”.

He carried on to say, “I demand to be allowed into the penguin enclosure and to live with the penguins as a penguin because I’m now a penguin.”

He offended Caitlyn Jenner and asked what ‘areas’ she has changed

In an interview with Caitlyn Jenner, Piers Morgan made an offensive comment which Jenner shut down before carrying on. During Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, he asked Caitlyn Jenner: “How does your physique compare now to what it was like then? Obviously, certain areas we know.”

Caitlyn Jenner stopped him going on and said: “See you made a comment there, and that’s why you would get in trouble. You just said ‘oh certain areas’. Okay, that to a trans person is disrespectful.”

When Piers questioned why it was disrespectful, she said: “You don’t make a joke about that. Because it’s not funny. It’s a part of my life and a very serious part of my life. I take that very seriously. Out of respect to myself and the community, it’s not something that you joke about. As I said before, these are serious stuff, people die over this issue. It’s not a joke.”

Dismissing Meghan Markle’s mental health

On Monday morning, Piers Morgan discussed Megan Markle’s Oprah interview during which she admits she had experienced suicidal thoughts whilst being pregnant with Archie.

In the interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle opened up about her thoughts of suicide whilst being pregnant back in 2019. The Duchess of Sussex said: “I just didn’t want to be alive anymore.” She claimed that those she reached out to within “the institution” refused to help her, and did not allow her to seek professional help. She said: “I went to the institution and I said I needed to go somewhere to get help and that I’d never felt this way before and I need to go somewhere and I was told that I couldn’t, that it wouldn’t be good for the institution.”

Piers Morgan then went on a tirade against Meghan Markle, accusing her of lying, and said: “I don’t believe a word she says, Meghan Markle. I wouldn’t believe her if she read me a weather report.”

This segment went on to receive over 40,000 complaints to Ofcom, who have since “launched an investigation into Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain under our harm and offence rules.”

He laughed along after Trump made an inappropriate sexual comment

Before being the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump was the host of The Apprentice in the US. Piers Morgan won the show in 2008 and went on to appear as a judge. He was seen laughing when Trump made an inappropriate comment towards a female contestant, Brande Roderick.

One of the contestants said: “Brande came in here, she got down on her knees and said ‘I am passionate and I want to do this.” Trump went on to say: “Excuse me… you dropped to your knees? Must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.”

Piers asked Charlotte Hawkins to ‘stand up and show everyone’ what she was wearing

On an episode of Good Morning Britain this week, Piers Morgan said to his colleague, Charlotte Hawkins: “My eyes are slightly distracted this morning because apparently summer has arrived, which I wasn’t aware of. This first sign of summer, traditionally at Good Morning Britain has always been Charlotte Hawkins arriving in a mini skirt for work. And this morning here she is.”

He then proceeded to tell her “up you get”, while she pleaded “it’s just a dress.” Piers continued and said: “I only know what you’re wearing as when you walked past, Susanna [Reid] went: ‘Oh my god!’ and I thought: Summer is here. I’m not complaining, I’m just observing.”

He mocked Sam Smith for coming out as non-binary

Sam Smith came out as non-binary to millions of fans back in 2019. The ex-Good Morning Britain host went on to say he doesn’t get it.

When discussing the announcement, Piers Morgan said: “Sam Smith has announced he’s gender-fluid, Sam Smith the singer. He’s announced that he can’t work out if he is male or female or whatever.” After hearing the statement the singer put out from Susanna Reid, he said: “Well I’m now identifying as Sam Smith so I can get his royalties. So this works both ways.

“I just don’t get this. Sam Smith has millions of fans, what are they supposed to think?”

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