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These 31 Meghan and Harry interview memes are almost as jaw dropping as the interview

Can’t wait for next season of The Crown

Meghan and Harry’s eagerly anticipated interview with Oprah aired last night and was full of truly shocking moments. And naturally Twitter reacted to the revelations in the only way they know how – with memes of course.

In the two hour interview Meghan revealed how she felt suicidal at one point, a member of the royal family had questioned how “dark” Archie’s skin would be and how Harry was cut off financially from his family.

The interview did have happier moments with the couple revealing they were expecting a baby girl, however the majority of it addressed Harry’s views on his brother and father who he believes are “trapped” in the system and Meghan’s difficult experience of royal life.

The Meghan and Harry interview memes mainly summed up everyone’s reactions to the shocking revelations but there were also memes about how chaotic the next season of The Crown would be and how everyone now wants to turn Buckingham Palace into a Spoons, because why not.

These are the 31 funniest Meghan and Harry interview memes:

1. Me right now

2. Imagine

3. The next season is going to be chaotic

4. Pipe down Karen

5. Give us the names

6. *Sobs*

7. Friday can’t come soon enough

8. Tea has most definitely been spilt

9. The stress must be at an all time high

10. Let’s get casting asap

11. Now this I would watch

12. This is a LOT to wake up to

13. Almost nothing shocks her

14. I have it in writing

15. She knew what she was doing

16. I’ve watched all four seasons – I know my stuff

17. The biggest revelation from that interview

18. Truly iconic

19. The chaos this would bring

20. Can we start a petition?

21. Very different energies

22. Yet another perfect use of this meme

23. The only gender reveal party I’m interested in

24. HAhahahaa

25. The only thing that could top Meghan and Harry’s interview

26. The palace would never get sold if she was in charge

27. Classic

28. Lol

29. We are all having the same reaction

30. Give the people what they want

31. Truly a missed opportunity

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