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Just 23 reactions to Piers Morgan leaving Good Morning Britain

Turns out there is a god

After six years as one of the hosts of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan finally announced his resignation from the show yesterday and the internet collectively breathed a sigh of relief, and of course they celebrated by making memes.

Yesterday Piers announced he was leaving the ITV show after he was heavily criticised for his comments on Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah. In the interview Meghan revealed she had at points felt suicidal and did not receive any help from the palace when she asked.

Piers said on Monday morning he did not believe Meghan and the moment has since sparked over 40,000 Ofcom complaints, one of the most complained about moments on TV ever.

Today Piers said he still stands by the comments he made, but the internet is more concerned with creating funny memes and reactions to Piers Morgan leaving Good Morning Britain. Many of them focus on who should replace Piers on the show and it’s clear it should be Bimini Bon Boulash and Tayce from Drag Race UK.

These are just 21 funny reactions to Piers Morgan leaving Good Morning Britain:

1. Just let them host now

2. Love this for me

3. HAhaha why are we like this?

4. Now this would be iconic casting

5. Sorry but do NOT compare Ginny to Piers

6. Americans really do work hard

7. I’ll take this for now

8. This has easily been the most chaotic week of the year

9. Who is the snowflake now?

10. Nothing but respect for my king

11. The real question

12. Hahhahaa

13. It’s a no from me

14. Same energy

15. Living for it

16. Lol

17. Petition for Alison to host?

18. Um that’s not really the vibe Gary

19. Bye x

20. Just shedding a tear

21. Love it!

22. This is my expression for the foreseeable future

23. Why does this meme work for everything??

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