pretty little liars trivia quiz

Only A would be able to get full marks on this Pretty Little Liars trivia quiz

Can you be smart like Spencer and get at least 14/15?

The chaotic show that is Pretty Liars finished four years ago and yet it’s already getting a reboot. However the original will always be the best and it’s time to test your Pretty Little Liars trivia knowledge with our quiz.

Thanks to the show being put on BBC iPlayer late last year, the true fans have been rewatching it and should have no problem getting full marks on the quiz.

With seven seasons and hundreds of A texts there’s a lot to test your knowledge with. There’s easy questions like where did Ezra and Aria meet? And who received the first A text? But then of course we had to include some tricky questions to separate the real fans from the fake ones. If you really know the show you’ll know the names of Emily and Alison’s twins and how many people the liars have killed.

To test your Pretty Little Liars trivia knowledge take our quiz:

Pretty Little Liars is available on BBC iPlayer now.

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