pretty little liars character quiz

Quiz: Which of the four main girls in Pretty Little Liars are you?

A Spencer/Hanna crossover would be ideal

A Pretty Little Liars reboot is coming and whilst I will not be watching the Riverdale creator make a car crash of it, I will definitely be re-watching the old series. Because let’s face it, when we were 14-years-old, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily trying to solve Alison’s murder was the greatest thing you could watch on TV.

Even after seven series, which were progressively worse and weirder, we didn’t let go of the show because we loved those four girls so much. And you probably had one you liked the most and really hoped to be like. But even if Spencer was your favourite that doesn’t mean you’re actually as smart or organised as she is. In fact you might be more like Aria who is creative and independent.

We’ve created a scarily accurate quiz that will determine which Liar you are truly aligned with. From questions on your favourite drink at parties, to how you’d deal with a text message from A, no stone is left unturned to find out which Pretty Little Liar you really are:

Take this Pretty Little Liars character quiz and see which girl you are:

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