Quiz: Can you guess which teen movie boyfriend said these very cringe quotes?

No prizes for ‘And so the lion fell in love with the lamb’

Unfortunately a key part of teen girl movies is for the boyfriend or love interest of the film to come out with some incredibly cringe one liners. Usually these lines are said after they’ve messed up or are confessing their feelings and sound like they’ve come straight out of a greetings card.

And weirdly at the time we thought they were the most romantic thing a boy could say to us, but now that we are older and slightly wiser, we can see these lines for what they really are – a big cheese fest.

But how well do you know your teen movie boyfriends? Were you really paying attention during those year eight sleepovers? When you were obsessing over Robbie in Angus Thong and Perfect Snogging, were you listening to the words coming out of his mouth? Or just ogling him for the sex god he is? Would you be able to tell apart John Tucker’s vomit worthy lines from Peter Kavinsky’s quotes that make you want to roll your eyes?

Well the time has come to test your teen movie boyfriend quote knowledge with a quiz that only the true queen of the sleepovers will be able to get full marks on.

Take this quiz and guess which teen movie boyfriend is responsible for the quote:

Featured image: Netflix

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