Quiz: Which of the guys in Pretty Little Liars would you end up with?

Anyone but Ezra

A Pretty Little Liars reboot is officially coming from the creator of Riverdale, and whilst we know it will never live up to the OG for a number of reasons, the main reason it will suffer is because it will not star the fit guys of Rosewood. They can attempt to recreate the haunting atmosphere, solid friendships and threats from an anonymous person, but you cannot get a replica of Caleb, Toby, Jason and yes unfortunately Ezra.

But of the four main men in Pretty Little Liars which is the one you would end up with? They’re all very alluring prospects but you can’t be greedy and have them all. Are you lover of a man in a uniform and so best suited to Toby? Or do you like a techy guy and therefore Caleb is your dream guy? Or perhaps you have fantasises of strolling hand in hand with your partner through a museum and should be Ezra’s girlfriend in that case.

Well answer these easy 11 questions and you’ll be able to find out which guy you’ll be going on dates to The Brew with.

Take this Pretty Little Liars guy quiz, to see who you’d end up with:

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A Pretty Little Liars reboot is coming from the Riverdale creator