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Vote: Out of all the dumb Pretty Little Liars moments which was the most ridiculous?

Spencer’s twin being A is easily a winner

It’s pretty much universally acknowledged that Pretty Little Liars was one of the dumbest shows we watched as teenagers. The multiple As made no sense, there were random sub-plots that led nowhere and an endless pit of plot holes. And yet we loved the show anyway.

In fairness the first two seasons, whilst occasionally ridiculous, generally made sense and were quality trashy TV. Mona being A was genius and a great reveal. But after that it all went downhill very fast with the stupid moments.

But which moment was officially the dumbest? There’s a lot of contenders, Spencer’s family tree is easily up there and Tippi the bird being a leading clue is also one of the worst moments. Don’t agree with me?

Well here’s your chance to vote for the dumbest moment that made absolutely no sense throughout seven long seasons of Pretty Little Liars. We’ve rounded up the stupidest moments for you to decide which was truly the most awful:

Let’s start with the night Ali disappeared

The whole plot of the show was around Alison’s disappearance on that night. And yet seven series later I’m still not sure what actually happened. There were so many blonde girls in those yellow tops. Bethany, Alison, CeCe I have no idea who was where. And tbh I don’t think the writers did, they just kept digging themselves into a plot hole bigger than the grave Ali was buried in.

If someone wants to write me a timeline of that night it would be greatly appreciated.

Aria flying a plane with zero training and somehow manages to not crash???

In one episode of season two Aria meets one of Ali’s guys and goes in a plane with him as that what’s Alison used to do. He flies and then at one point offers Aria to take the wheel and she somehow doesn’t crash the plane??

Now either she had some fly training during that year in Iceland or the writers thought we all wouldn’t notice that Aria could fly a plane with no disasters. I’m gonna go with the second option.

That ghost child turning up at Halloween and scaring the crap out of all of us and Hanna’s mum

This little girl was the definition of creepy and yet we never got an answer as to why she’s there. It was just a device to trick us.

Meredith drugs Aria and locks Hanna and Emily with her in the basement and is then never seen again

In season three Meredith was going out with Aria’s dad, Byron and looks after her whilst he is away. But shortly after he leaves she goes a bit mad and starts to drug Aria’s tea, causing her to sleep for ages.

Once Aria realises whats happening she confronts Meredith who locks her in the basement, along with Hanna and Emily who come to see where she is. Meredith obviously runs off and Byron lets them out. And that’s it she’s never seen again or arrested for drugging and locking people in a basement. This show, honestly.

The A flash mob in New York

Remember when flash mobs were a thing? How did A manage to get this many people to mob the girls? And there was no point to it either.

When Aria literally murdered Shana and just got away with it

Ok it was self-defence, but like there was no investigation, at all. In this day and age there would have been some enquiries, and it’s so stupid that she didn’t even get questioned about it.

A performing dental surgery on Hanna

A has done a lot of messed up things that you question a person would be able to do without specialised training, and performing dental surgery on Hanna has to be up there as one of the most unbelievable. When in her short life did CeCe learn dental surgery???

It was a good scene but made no sense hence why it is on this list.

Maddie Ziegler turning up to a dance scene

This was just such an obvious celeb cameo passed off as a “dream sequence” that added absolutely nothing to the show.

Oh and when Adam lambert performed on the ghost train

Was he supposed to be Adam Lambert or just a singer that we all knew was Adam Lambert? And did he flirt with Aria? It brought the real world into the show and those two things just shouldn’t mix.

The girls getting chips in their heads and then REMOVING them themselves, as if they’re actual brain surgeons??

Again, did CeCe go to medical school or some weird serial killer training academy? Cause there’s no way she would have known to place a chip in each girl’s head.

It’s a really cool idea, which would have made sense if A had actual medical qualifications but she didn’t so it was just stupid and unbelievable.

And then the girls taking them out themselves without any of them ending up in hospital. Spencer is not that clever and couldn’t have just learnt to remove a microchip from her friend’s heads from Google.

Paige and Emily dating after Paige tried to drown Emily

Young love? In the creators’ of Pretty Little Liars’ mind clearly. Paige and Emily end up being one of the main couples throughout the show and yet their story started out with Paige trying to drown Emily.

Who thought that equals romance? Honestly such a bad image to send to their young viewers and also why did the only gay relationship in the show start out on such a toxic note? Aria dated her teacher and yet their relationship began with kissing in a bar.

Ezra and Aria’s entire relationship?

Speaking of their messed up relationship, Ezra was her teacher and should have ended it as soon as he found out she was his student. Except he didn’t because he was obsessed with Alison and dated Aria to learn more about Ali for a book he was writing about her.

It’s hard to pick out one defining dumb moment from their relationship because this entire thing was doomed and stupid and yet some people thought it was the height of love. Wild.

Cece dating her brother/cousin Jason

I can’t work out the relation they ended up being to each other in the end, but either way they were family and it was super creepy they dated. In all honesty I think the creators of the show didn’t plan on having CeCe as A so when they finally revealed CeCe as A they just ran with the incest plot.

Ezra having a child and then finding out it wasn’t his a few episodes later

And the award for the stupidest sub-plot goes to Ezra. This was an obvious time filler, so I won’t even give it air time by explaining how bad this was.

Jenna was blind and then she suddenly wasn’t

Pretty Little Liars ended three years ago and I still didn’t understand the state of Jenna’s eyes. At the beginning of the show Jenna was blind thanks to the explosion the liars put in her garage.

But then it was revealed in season two she had surgery on her eyes and could see again, but didn’t tell anyone so she could maintain some power. However in season four she started to lose sight again. How can one person have so many problems with their eyes?

When A impregnated Alison with Emily’s eggs?

Whoever thought up this plot needs to have a long hard look at themselves. A and Archer plotted to impregnate Alison with Emily’s eggs and Wren’s sperm because they thought Charlotte would have wanted Alison to have kids. I can’t believe I’ve written that sentence, such a mad plot.

The kids turned out cute with Alison and Emily raising them together, but still, super creepy.

Noel falling on his own axe and killing himself

He always was an idiot, but this is such a lazy way to kill someone off.

Cece being A

CeCe or Charlotte’s entire motivation for being A was because Mona told her the liars were happy Alison wasn’t around anymore. That was it. Her entire reason for torturing them, kidnapping them and storing them in a dollhouse was for the liars being happy their friend/bully wasn’t around to torture them anymore. I’m sorry but I don’t buy it.

And the only trans person in the show, was the main villain of three seasons? Something just doesn’t sit right here.

Spencer’s British twin being Uber A??

That last season was a disaster, a disaster I tell you. First of all that British accent made me die inside, is that how we sound to Americans? Because if so I’m never speaking again.

But aside from the accent the big problem was that it literally made no sense for them to suddenly invent a twin for her, it’s like they thought “what is the most ridiculous ending we can give them?”

And her motivation was just off. She wanted to avenge Charlotte’s death, which is fair enough but her other main motivation was her jealously over Spencer’s life. Spencer was tortured for a good five years, and that is what Alex was jealous of? Really?

She should have just stayed in London and had a relationship with Wren.

Alex turning Wren into a diamond

Yeah I have nothing to say – that girl is messed up.

Toby getting high off gummy bears

The liars were about to discover A but no it all got ruined because Toby had some weed gummy bears in an episode in season six. They really strung this show out.

Spencer dating Caleb

This storyline made me furious and was very much the writers clutching at straws in order to drag out the show. Spencer and Caleb had one of the best friendships on the show and then they had to ruin it by getting sex involved.

How was Hanna not more furious about this? It should have been the end of their friendship. Number one rule of girl code, exes are off limits.

Tippi the bird

In season four Alison’s grandmother’s parrot, Tippi, enters the liars’ lives. Jessica is looking after Tippi but gives him to Hanna because she hates the bird. The liars somehow manage to get a phone number from it’s incessant squawking.  You know the show is going down hill when the girls starting getting their clues off a bird.

The mums being locked in the basement

This show really enjoyed people being locked in the basement. In the season 6A finale the mums go into Alison’s basement and someone locks them in there.

We never find out what happens to them, how they got out and who locked them in there. And in season 6B it’s never brought up.

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