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Ranked: These are the Love Islanders charging the most on Cameo

Curtis will charge you £63.75 for a birthday shout-out

The cast of Love Island never tire of finding new ways to make money and plenty of them have Cameos as a way to bring in some extra cash.

Love Islanders from all six seasons of the show are allowing fans to buy personalised videos for friends and family. They’re offering birthday shout-outs, videos to celebrate special occasions or can even give you a pep talk, because who wouldn’t want a £33 therapy session from Rykard Jenkins?

The influencers offering Cameo videos vary drastically in price from just £11.25 to over £200 for a single video. Naturally a lot of the Casa Amor contestants aren’t charging much for their videos but you will be surprised to see who is charging the most.

These are the Love Island Cameo accounts ranked from least to most expensive:

Ollie Williams – £11.25

via Instagram @olliesjwilliams

Kicking off the list is Ollie Williams who was in the most recent series of Love Island and appeared for a total of three days before realising he was in love with his ex-girlfriend.

But hey at least he’ll reply to your Cameo request in an hour and only charges you £11.25 for a personalised video.

Josh Kempton – £11.25

via Instagram @joshuakempton

Ngl I’d forgotten who this guy even was but turns out he in was Casa Amor last year. Makes sense as to why he’s only charging £11.25.

George Day – £11.25

via Instagram @georgeyday

George is another ex Casa Amor contestant from last year and will take four days to reply to your request for a Cameo so you better ask for a good one.

Biggs Chris – £15

via Instagram @biggschrisx

Biggs was also in Casa Amor last year and has spent his post villa days promoting extra large condoms on Instagram and dating Rebecca Gormley. It’s honestly a surprise he can even find the time to film a Cameo.

Kieran Nicholls – £15

via Instagram @kierannicholls_

Kieran was only on Love Island for three days and in that time we got to see him dress up as a fireman which I guess justifies the £15?

Savanna Darnell – £15

via Instagram @_savannadarnell

Savannah appeared in Casa Amor in 2018 and since then has moved to New York but is clearly still wanting to bring in that Love Island money.

She charges £15 for a Cameo and has received a number of rave reviews for the videos.

Alexi Eraclides – £18.75

via Instagram @alexieraclides

Just wondering if all the male Casa Amor cast from last year are on Cameo? And most importantly what has Alexi done to be able to charge nearly £20 for each video?

Tom Walker – £18.75

via Instagram @tom9walker

Tom unknowingly created an iconic Love Island moment when he said it would be interesting if Maura “was all mouth or not”, and if that’s not what everyone requests from him on Cameo then what are you doing?

Marvin Brooks – £18.75

via Instagram @marvinbrooks

Marvin was once coupled up with Maura but now spends his time doing Cameo videos for £18.75, including the occasional Mother’s Day shout-out, which I can’t tell if it’s the cutest or cringiest thing on Cameo.

Sam Bird – £22.50

via Instagram @samrobertbird

Aside from being a DJ, Sam also spends time creating Cameo videos for £22.50 a piece. You can even chat to him by spending less than a fiver, talk about value for money.

Jamie Clayton – £26.25

via Instagram @jamieclayton9

Jamie was one of the later arrivals to the villa last year and yet he’s still making over £25 per Cameo video.

Theo Campbell – £26.25

via Instagram @theo_campbell91

Sorry but the man who started a lot of the drama in season three deserves a lot more than £26.25 per video.

Would honestly pay him £50 just to say “If Tyla really liked him she should go as well really” again.

Laura Anderson – £26.25

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

Laura was one of the many influencers who travelled to Dubai during the pandemic, which may explain why she can only get £26.25 for each Cameo.

Tina Stinnes – £26.25

via Instagram @tinastinnes

Tina has appeared on Love Island and Made in Chelsea so she’s now got double the followers who could request a Cameo from her.

Amber Davies – £30

via Instagram @amb_d

Sorry but I’m in shock that Amber, a Love Island winner, is only charging £30 per video request. Although she is estimated to be worth over a £1million, so she’s probably not too concerned.

Rebecca Gormley – £30

via Instagram @rebeccagormley_

Rebecca makes double what her boyfriend Biggs does on Cameo but only has a rating of 4.2 stars out of five. You can also chat to Rebecca from prices starting at £8.24, if you’re into that.

Stevie Bradley – £30

via Instagram @stevie_bradley1

Stevie was a Casa Amor contestant from 2019 who was honestly more Made in Chelsea than Love Island, which probably explains why he charges £30 per video.

Connor Durman – £33

via Instagram @connordurman

Connor was most known for his pearly white veneers on Love Island last year and so prepare yourself for a gleaming video if you order a Cameo from Connor.

Rykard Jenkins – £33

via Instagram @rykardjenkins

Rykard not only offers birthday shout-outs but also allows you to request a ‘pep talk’ video if you fancy a short therapy session for £33.

Nas Majeed – £33.75

via Instagram @nas_jm

Nas is still with Eva and honestly I’m impressed, I’m also impressed at the variety of Cameos Nas will offer – birthdays, special occasions and of course pep talks.

Georgia Harrison – £37.50

In her caption Georgia promises that she will make you the best Cameo ever, might just request one to see if she’s telling the truth.

Joshua Ritchie – £37.50

via Instagram @joshuaritchie1

Joshua was in the first series of Love Island and since then appeared in a number of reality shows which I guess justifies charging nearly £40 for a video.

Nathan and Cara – £37.50

via Instagram @cara_delahoyde

They literally won season two of Love Island and yet they’re charging less than £40 for both of them, I will never understand the world.

Connagh Howard – £37.50

via Instagram @connagh92

Sorry but how is Connagh charging the same amount as Nathan and Cara?

Callum Jones – £37.50

via Instagram @_callum_jones

Ditto with Callum.

Demi Jones- £42.75

via Instagram @demijones1

Not only can you request videos from Demi but you can also chat to her as well for a minimum of £3.74, so be sure to ask if that flight caption really was about Luke and Lucie 👀.

Olivia Attwood – £45

via Instagram @oliviajade_attwood

The queen of calling out influencers Olivia Attwood is letting you request a Cameo for £45 and will take up to two days to reply to you, because she is a woman who knows how to get stuff done.

Samira Mighty – £45

via Instagram @samiramighty

Samira deserved so much better on Love Island so I’m glad she’s taking all the money she can get.

Luke Mabbott – £56.25

via Instagram @lukemabbott

I’m convinced Luke must be able to charge so much for his Cameos because he resembles Justin Bieber’s twin.

Jamie Jewitt – £60

via Instagram @jamiejewitt_

Yet another reason to love Jamie is that unlike the other Islanders all the proceeds from Jamie’s Cameos are going to charity.

Curtis Pritchard – £63.75

via Instagram @curtispritchard12

Curtis was ranked fairly highly on our list of the worst men in reality TV but one thing he cannot be criticised for is his quick replies to Cameo requests which is just three hours.

Jack Fincham – £63.75

via Instagram @jack_charlesf

Jack seems to be doing well on Cameo as one of his reviewers was so happy with their video they offered him and his mates free drinks if they were ever in Texas, which seems legit.

Lucie Rose Donlan – £75

via Instagram @lucierosedonlan

Lucie was on season five of Love Island and yet on Cameo refers to herself as a “British Surfer”.

Montana Brown – £75

via Instagram @montanarosebrown1

Montana is charging one of the highest of the Love Islanders on Cameo and yet still takes seven days to reply to a request.

Chris Hughes – £90

via Instagram @chrishughesofficial

I think it’s only acceptable that Chris raps in all his Cameos.

Marcel Somerville – £93.75

via Instagram @marcel_rockyb

If Marcel’s Cameos don’t make at least five references to the Blazin Squad then I’m not interested.

Ovie Soko – £112.50

via Instagram @oviesoko

Honestly Ovie could charge a £1,000 for a video and I would still happily pay for it.

Idris Virgo – £262.50

via Instagram @idrisvirgo

No you’re not imagining it, Idris who appeared on Love Island for a total of three days is charging over £200 for a single Cameo. Anyone care to explain this to me?

Featured image credits via Instagram @montanarosebrown1, @jack_charlesf, @lucierosedonlan

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