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Ranked: A considered analysis of the worst men in reality TV

You already know who is at the top of the list

The bad boy is a typical component of any good reality show. They’re essentially the villain everyone loves to hate, but they’re usually the most memorable and arguably the show is boring without them. What is Made in Chelsea without Spencer Matthews cheating on his girlfriend? What is Keeping Up With The Kardashians without Scott Disick’s outbursts? And of course what is Love Island without a bunch of men displaying toxic masculinity?

But actually in hindsight a lot of these men are incredibly toxic. They portray the worst traits often associated with men – cheating, lying and a total disrespect for women. They’ve punched walls, poured milk on dressing gowns and dumped girls by texts. Though a lot of their actions could be set up by producers, we are now finally waking up to realise these are not the sort of men we want to see on our TVs.

Of all the men we’ve seen in reality shows like Love Island, Made in Chelsea and Celebs Go Dating, there have been a number of awful men. But who is the worst?

We’ve ranked some of the most common suspects and ranked them from pretty bad to get him off our TVs now:

Tom Walker

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“It will be interesting to see if she’s all mouth”, enough said really.

Curtis Pritchard

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Yes his famous “I want to make everyone a coffee” line is hilarious but it’s also kinda not.

Curtis’ treatment of Amy was so cruel and unkind. It was obvious to everyone how much Amy adored Curtis and yet rather than shutting it down he just continued to string her along, making her his “half girlfriend”. And then of course rather than admitting he wasn’t into her, he just said he wanted to make everyone coffee.

Curtis’ bad behaviour didn’t just stop with Amy. When he was the goddess that is Maura, he equally wasn’t great to her. Never forget when he gave Jordan that terrible advice to go after India and then got mad at Maura for telling Anna. His whole attitude during those scenes was just so patronising.

Also his dancing is unforgivable.

Alex Mytton

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You don’t get to cheat on MIC’s national treasure Binky and get to remain good in the eyes of the public.

After his infamous orgy with Spencer, Alex has forever been tainted in my eyes and now I just expect him to cheat on all his girlfriends.

And of course let’s not forget he dumped the gorgeous Nicola by text after two years together.

Jordan Hames

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In all honesty Jordan was pretty boring during his season of Love Island until he thought he’d get more screen time by cheating on Anna.

Storm Anna was one of the most memorable parts of Love Island 2019, but it really shouldn’t have been. Jordan’s lack of respect towards Anna by confessing his feelings to India was unbelievable. To this day he still shows no remorse and has never appeared to apologise for the pain he caused Anna

Jamie Laing

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What would Made in Chelsea be without Jamie Laing’s cheating? Probably a show that respected women more.

Since his first appearance in season two Jamie has always been thought of as the cheeky chappy, but actually he’s just a serious cheater and I’m over it.

Jonny Mitchell

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Of course this list has to feature a man who doesn’t believe in feminism, and that is Jonny Mitchell.

It’s unknown what Jonny’s hot take on women’s rights are in 2021, but in the 2017 Love Island Jonny spoke about his belief that feminism isn’t about equality and how women in the UK actually have more opportunities than men.

He then proceeded to end things with Camilla to get with Tyla, who he ended up being rather possessive over and of course called Theo a “gigantic bell end” for also going after Tyla.

Adam Collard

worst men in reality tv

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Adam Collard’s behaviour towards Rosie on Love Island was so bad, Women’s Aid had to issue a warning.

Throughout the early episodes of the show Adam’s treatment of Rosie could only be described as “gaslighting”, with Women’s Aid warning about potential emotional abuse.

However at the time Adam said he did not mean to cause any upset.

Spencer Matthews

worst men in reality tv

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We used to think Made in Chelsea would be nothing without Spencer Matthews, but actually it’s doing just fine without his incessant cheating. Was there a girlfriend he didn’t cheat on during the show?

And then of course there’s the famous river scene in which he shouts at Louise and says it’s her fault for him cheating on her. Yes really. This is actually a perfection depiction of gaslighting.

Aside from his cheating, Spencer also exhibited some occasional aggressive behaviour, such as shouting at Andy to get off the terrace, because he dared to chat to Louise.

Spencer also spent the whole first season disrespecting Funda by openly admitting his feelings for Caggie to everyone, but continuing his relationship with Funda.

Scott Disick

worst men in reality tv

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Scott Disick is a tricky one. On one hand he’s lost both his parents and had some deeply personal troubles of his own. On the other hand there’s him shoving a $100 bill down a waiter’s mouth and his entire attitude towards Kourtney during the majority of their relationship.

Over the years Scott has been violent – punching  a wall after Kourtney discovered Scott smoking weed in a hotel room whilst their seven month-old son was in the room.

He’s called Kourtney “fat”, reportedly cheated on her multiple times and brought a woman with him on a family vacation to stay in a separate hotel so he could have sex with someone.

Andrew Gray

Andrew has only recently appeared on our screens and yet he has already been catapulted into the position as one of the worst men on reality TV.

In Netflix’s Bling Empire Andrew’s behaviour has been called out by many fans. His outburst at Kelly leaving him in a hotel room to go shopping whilst he slept was the perfect example of his toxic behaviour and was upsetting to watch.

Since the show aired, he’s said the it was edited in a way to make him look bad.

Stephen Bear

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Look you know this one was coming, we saved the worst for last.

Aside from the recent allegations against him by Georgia Harrison that he filmed her without her consent and shared it, which he denies, Stephen Bear has still done an awful amount of things on reality TV.

He poured milk on James Whale’s dressing gown, cheated on his girlfriend on TV with Chloe Khan and was just generally aggressive on Celebrity Big Brother.

Then on Celebs Go Dating he was probably the most disrespectful human being. He was so rude to every single date he went on and ditched two girls on dates. The show proved he had zero respect for women.

Then of course was his despicable meltdown and aggressive behaviour on Just Tattoo of Us, in which he shouts at Charlotte Crosby and the rest of the team for a good 10 minutes. Honestly just get this man off our TV screens.

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