Who is categorically the worst guy in Bridgerton? A considered ranking

I’m sorry but the Prince would give you the ick so quickly

There are some incredibly fit men in Bridgerton, but I’m sorry to break it to you: Pretty much every single one of them is nothing but a massive fuckboy. Anthony and the Duke are emotionally unavailable and would just use you, Nigel’s a slime ball, and even family man Will lied to his wife. And I’m sorry but the Prince is so nice it’s just suspicious, you’d get the ick within two months tops.

Bridgerton was meant to be some fun Christmas escapism, but how can you let it distract you from the world when every single man just reminds you of dates gone wrong with unfortunate Tinder matches?

Here’s every single man in Bridgerton, ranked on a scale from simp to the-actual-worst-and-would-ruin-your-life:

8. Will

Will’s just happy with his wife and beautiful children, living his best life. He knows what it’s like to have the perfect relationship and to treat a woman right, so he just wants that for his best pal, the Duke, too. I’ll choose to ignore the fact he broke the law by throwing the boxing match and didn’t tell his wife about it.

7. Prince Freidrich

Prince Freidrich is the biggest simp going. He’d call you beautiful every day, bring you breakfast in bed and always get you the most expensive birthday present you could possibly ask for. He’d whisk you off for boujee dates, you’d put it all over your Insta story and your mates would be so jealous.

There’s just one problem: You’d get the ick so quickly with the Prince. You’d wake up and he would just be watching you sleeping, like some sort of creepy Edward Cullen. “You’re so cute when you sleep” – no thanks, bye hun.

6. Colin

Colin’s a massive simp and was desperate to marry Marina for absolutely no reason. He can’t be bottom of the list though because we all know he wants Penelope but for some reason won’t admit it.

5. Benedict

Goofy, unproblematic king Benedict just wants to be left in peace with his art, and has to be low down on the list. He’s not a simp who would give you the ick like Colin and the Prince, but he wouldn’t ruin your life like the Duke – with Benedict you’d truly have the best of both worlds. He goes to brothels though, so you couldn’t fully 100 per cent trust him.

4. Anthony

Anthony’s a massive shagger, and treats Siena the opera singer horribly, but he low key really loves her. Of all the Bridgerton boys, he’s most likely to hit you with the “it’s not you, it’s me” line.

Anthony is the kind of skinny-jean guy who offers you and the girls drinks at a bar and then thinks that’s his green light to spend the night with you. If Anthony was born in the 21st Century he’d be a club promoter and you can’t change my mind.

3. Lord Rutledge

bridgerton fuckboy

What a gross little man. Lord Rutledge just wants a bit of arm candy before he dies. He’d treat you like absolute shit but it’s okay because he’ll leave you everything in his will. Fingers crossed he’ll be dead soon, then you can get on with the rest of your life and find someone fit to enjoy all your money with.

2. Simon

bridgerton fuckboy

Everyone loves the Duke, but he’s nothing but a fuckboy. He doesn’t know what he wants, and would 100 per cent use you just to stop his family asking why he isn’t in a relationship. As soon as they are off his back, he wants out. This guy does NOT want commitment and sure as hell does not want to settle down with anyone.

1. Nigel Berbrooke

bridgerton fuckboy

Big man creepy Nigel just wants a piece of Daphne. He’d definitely text “u up” to every single girl in his phone after one whiff of beer. Nigel is the slimy kind of boy that you just can’t get rid of, rather than the fit sort of bad boy fuckboy who you just keep going back to.

He’s the type to message you on LinkedIn because you’ve blocked him everywhere else. If he was at uni now he’d spend every night out stood around the edge of the SU club just staring at all the girls, wearing a t-shirt his mum bought him.

The one woman who might actually settle down with him is sure as hell being screwed over too, because he’s definitely going to always be texting other people. Berbrooke doesn’t delete his Tinder profile for anybody, he’s always on the prowl.

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