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These TikToks about Bridgerton are so good even the Duke burns for them

This is my life now

Since Bridgerton came into our lives we’ve all been changed people. I swear we all speak like we’re from the regency era, want to wear expensive dresses and drool over the Duke as he lives rent free in our heads. Well, if the countless Bridgerton memes and TikToks are anything to go by, that’s how life is now.

You can’t avoid the show, no matter where you go. And I’m not complaining, there is nothing better than opening up every single social media app and seeing people swooning over the Bridgerton brothers and Simon, obsessing over the behind-the-scenes pictures of the cast and sharing which lady they are or which man would be their husband.

I’ve accepted it and society has progressed past the need to shame people for being outright obsessed with Bridgerton – because we all are. Call me Lady now, please. Here are all of the best TikToks about Bridgerton, which sum up exactly where all of our lives are heading.

1. Honestly, I have changed

2. The scandal! I love it!


4. Honey, all of us have

5. Goodbye world x

6. Where is the lie in this though, seriously?!

7. I am unmarried!!!

8. Wow. Artistic. Interesting x

9. PSA: The Bridgerton brothers sing !

 10. I adore them with every fibre of my being

11. Simple, but effective

12. HELP

13. Tehe x

14. You can call me the Duchess of Hastings from now on

15. Savage

16. Alexa, how does one become a spoon?

17. Brb, just doing this x

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