it's a sin cast ages

It’s A Sin cast ages: This is how old the cast of It’s a Sin are in real life

Callum Scott Howells who plays Colin is only 21!!

It’s A Sin spans a decade, 1981 to 1991, and follows a group of friends throughout their 20s. Most of them are uni freshers at the start of the show and you see them navigate their way through the AIDS crisis. From famous faces to some that are new on the scene, It’s A Sin has a cast that is quite frankly exceptional and I know you’ve spent ages trying to find out everything about them, from their Instagram accounts to whether or not they’re all best mates now (spoiler alert – they are).

It’s a Sin has been causing quite a stir since it dropped on Channel 4 a couple of weeks ago. It’s taken what little soul this lockdown has left us with and broken it into a hundred little pieces. Not only that but it’s given us more of a sex education than school ever did, and has opened up new conversations around HIV and AIDS that we should have all been having a long time ago.

Here’s the real life ages of all the It’s a Sin cast members:

Olly Alexander – Ritchie Tozer

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 30

Olly Alexander plays Ritchie Tozer who, along with the rest of his friends, is 18 at the start of the show. Ritchie moves from his family home in the Isle of Wight to London in order to start a law degree but quickly changes to a drama course.

Nathaniel Curtis – Ash Mukherjee

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 30

Nathaniel Curtis celebrated his 30th birthday in December 2020. He plays the role of 18-year-old Ash Mukherjee, a drama student and aspiring teacher living in Pink Palace and partner of Ritchie Tozer. This is Nathaniel’s first major acting role.

Omari Douglas – Roscoe Babatunde

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 27

Born in 1994, Omari plays Roscoe Babatunde, a partying 18-year-old who has pretty much been disowned by his family after he comes out to them as gay. This is also Omari’s first major on-screen role.

Lydia West – Jill Baxter

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 27

The same as co-star Omari, Lydia West is 27 years old and was born in June 1993. She plays Jill Baxter, an 18-year-old from Surrey who also lives in the Pink Palace.

Callum Scott Howells – Colin Morris-Jones

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 21

Callum Scott Howells plays the quiet and unassuming Colin Morris-Jones who moves to London with the dream of becoming a tailor. The youngest actor from the five Pink Palace friends and I think we can all agree he’s quite something. And from his envious Insta feed to singing on a BBC talent show, it seems his talents have no ends.

Neil Patrick Harris – Henry Coltrane

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 47

An unforgettable face that you definitely recognise from the likes of How I Met Your Mother, Glee, American Horror Story and a host of other things. Cast in It’s A Sin as 48-year-old Henry Coltrane, Neil Patrick Harris plays the tailor living with his male partner and becomes Colin’s mentor, spending ages looking after Colin and teaching him about gay life.

Jill Nalder – Jill’s mum

Age: 58

Jill Nalder is the woman who the character Jill is based upon and plays the role of Jill’s mum. She supports Jill and her friends as they navigate through some difficult moments in their lives. Jill Nalder has spoken out about what living through the 1980s AIDS crisis was really like, where she took friends on hospital visits and supported them just as the character Jill does.

Toto Bruin – Lucy

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 23

Born in October 1997, Toto Bruin plays Ritchie’s younger sister Lucy who lives with her parents on the Isle of Wight. Toto had an uncle who died during the AIDS crisis and shared a photo of him on Instagram, saying: “Unfortunately I never got the pleasure of meeting him, but he sounded wonderful.”

Stephen Fry – Arthur Garrison

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 63

Another famous face thrown in the mix is that of 63-year-old Stephen Fry who plays Arthur Garrison, a 60-year-old politician trying to hide his personal life. Need I say more?

Shaun Dooley – Clive Tozer

Age: 46

Born in March 1974, Shaun has the role of 45-year-old Clive Tozer, Ritchie’s dad and Valerie’s husband. Clive is an opinionated individual who is a little bit jealous of Ritchie.

David Carlyle – Gregory Finch

it's a sin cast ages

Age: Unknown

Gregory, nicknamed Gloria, is played by David Carlyle. Gloria is a 31-year-old gay man from Scotland who works as a bus conductor but is a very fun and wild individual. The show doesn’t mention specifically how old Gloria is but the characters do mention he’s in his 30s.

Tracy Ann Oberman – Carol Carter

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 54

Playing the acting agent for Ritchie, Tracy Ann Oberman was born in August 1966. Carol Carter is the name of an agent that writer Russel T Davies actually knew in real life.

Keeley Hawes – Valerie Tozer

it's a sin cast ages

Age: 44

Born 10 February 1976, Keeley Hawes has been in a fair share of shows and film. She plays 43-year-old Valerie Tozer, Ritchie’s mum, and has received high praise for her acting, particularly in episode five.

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