PSA: Here’s how you can listen to the It’s A Sin soundtrack, all in one handy playlist

Your WFH life will be dramatically improved by all the 80s bangers

It’s A Sin is, obviously, a tragic and beautiful story about a group of friends living their 20s during the 1980s AIDS crisis. Over 32 million people have lost their lives due to AIDS-related illnesses since, and It’s A Sin teaches us far more about this aspect of LGBTQ+ history than school ever did. But as well as a story of loss, It’s A Sin is also a story of love and friendship – and, as it’s set in the 1980s, has some cracking outfits and a banging soundtrack, every single song of which I need to add to my playlist right now please.

The It’s A Sin soundtrack is full of so many amazing songs, each and every one of which is an absolute bop. Some have meaning behind them, but others are just pure 1980s dance tunes – what more could you want? If you were watching It’s A Sin whilst trying to remember all the songs in it your mum’s definitely played you before, you’re in luck because the soundtrack is now all on one playlist.

Here’s everything you need to know about the It’s A Sin soundtrack and playlist:

What songs feature on the It’s A Sin soundtrack?

Only every single 80s banger you could possibly dream of. If you didn’t know, the title It’s A Sin comes from a Pet Shop Boys song of the same name. The song It’s A Sin was released in 1987 and is about religion and shame, two big themes of the series. It’s A Sin (the song) also features in It’s A Sin (the series), when Ritchie puts it on in a pub.

As well as It’s A Sin, the show features a whole load more 80s classics. Other songs include Karma Chameleon, Feels Like I’m In Love, Hey Mickey, Do You Wanna Funk?, Gloria, I Feel Love and Call Me. If you don’t recognise the titles, play the music and you’ll defo know the songs.

How can I listen to the playlist of the It’s A Sin soundtrack?

You can find the playlist on Spotify – search It’s A Sin and you’ll find all the songs on the soundtrack in one handy playlist, or you can find the link here.

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Years and Years have also recorded a cover of It’s A Sin

Olly Alexander, who plays Ritchie in the show, is also the frontman of band Years and Years. His group have recorded a cover of the Pet Shop Boys song, which the It’s A Sin series takes its name from.

The Years and Years version of It’s A Sin doesn’t feature in the series. They tweeted saying a portion of proceeds from the cover will be donated to George House Trust, a charity which supports people living with and affected by HIV, as well as tackling stigma and discrimination.

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