Which of the four Bratz girls are you? Take this quiz to find out

Soz if you get Yasmin x

Every girl had four best friends when they were younger, and their names were Jade, Sasha, Cloe and Yasmin. Between the dolls, cartoons and iconic 2007 film, we really spent our whole childhoods with the Bratz girls.

All of the four Bratz girls are so different. There’s Jade, who’s clearly the best – she’s fit, good at absolutely everything, and if she was at uni now she’d be a classic Depop girl. Cloe gets all the boys and is on the Varsity football team, and Sasha is the cheerleader who’s mates with absolutely everyone. And then there’s Yasmin, who’s a bit of a wet wipe and I’m sorry to say would probably be doing geography at York. There’s a bit of the Bratz in each of us, but which one are you the most emotionally aligned with?

So of course you wanna know – which of the Bratz girls are you, really? Well, you’re in luck. Take this quiz to find out:

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