QUIZ: All the John Tucker girls are complete opposites, so which one are you?

Soz in advance if you get Kate x

John Tucker Must Die was the iconic film of our childhoods. It came out in 2006 (hope that makes you feel old x) and then was played religiously at every single sleepover across the country, nay the world. It made a generation of girls ready to stop at nothing to take down any man who ever dared wrong them. It is nothing short of sheer perfection.

If you never watched it growing up? What a sad little life, Jane. You’d better go and watch it RIGHT now, and prepare to learn a lot.

One of the main takeaways from the film is how the four girls band together to destroy John Tucker’s life, even though they’ve never even met each other before. (I love how hating a man can bring any group of women together.) Anyway, the girls are all SO different. There’s popular Head Cheerleader Heather, who’s not afraid to speak her mind. There’s mastermind Carrie, who’s quite literally good at everything. There’s sexy vegan activist, Beth. Oh, and Kate’s there too.

But which of the four John Tucker girls are you? Take this quiz to find out – and if you get Kate, I don’t know how else to tell you this, but you’re boring af.

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