one direction fan fiction quiz

Quiz: Write some 1D fan fiction and we’ll tell you which member is your soulmate

If I don’t get Harry I am suing

If you didn’t read One Direction fan fiction at least once when you were younger, I’m sorry but I don’t believe you one little bit. Stop lying to yourself, hun. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but everyone does cringe stuff when they’re 14, and at least we don’t do it any more. (If you do still read fan fiction, are you okay babe? Msg me if u need a chat xo)

This quiz is simple: Cast your mind back to 2013, where you’re reading classic piece of One Direction fan fiction, After, which will go on to become an actual published book, and then multiple Netflix films. Embody the spirit of your teenage self, and pretend you’re writing your very own fan fiction as you take this quiz. At the end, we’ll tell you once and for all which One Direction member is your actual soulmate. It’s highly scientific.

Take this quiz, write some One Direction fan fiction and we’ll tell you which member is your soulmate:

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