QUIZ: You know all of 1D’s songs, but how well do you remember their music videos?

You spent enough time watching them as a teenager, so this should be easy

You remember every single lyric of One Direction’s songs, that’s a given. You bought every album the second it was released, forced your family to listen to the CDs on every car journey, and begged your mum to buy you concert tickets for Christmas. Your room was covered in 1D posters, and if you were really cool you even had a cardboard cutout of at least one of the 1D boys.

But how well do you remember One Direction’s music videos? You’d go to your mates house after school, crowd around her shared family desktop computer, open up YouTube and spend your entire evening watching 1D’s music videos. You’d sing along, join in with their weird dance moves, and probably cry about how much you loved Harry Styles and how he’d never know you existed.

You might not have watched a 1D music vid for years, but I bet you still know them, deep in your subconsciousness. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget it. Take this quiz to put yourself to the test  – all you have to do is match the screenshot of the music video, to the title of its song:

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