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Which item in the Christmas dinner are you, really? Take this quiz to find out

Deep down in my heart of hearts I just know I am a pig in blanket

There’s an undeniable ranking when it comes to Christmas dinner items. We could sit for hours and argue over how pigs in blankets, roasties, cranberry sauce and gravy make up the top tier, whereas things like parsnips and sprouts could be forgotten and nobody would miss them. But some vital information which you really need to need to know about yourself, from the following quiz, before you can get on with your life is – which item in the Christmas dinner are you? 

Are you as much of a staple as gravy is? Are you fun and a naughty treat like pigs in blankets? Are you integral and the spearhead of everything like the turkey? Please please please don’t say you’re as divisive as a sprout. You may have never thought about this, but now this quiz holds all the Christmas dinner item information you didn’t know you needed.

You can only really be one item in the Christmas dinner – and now is the time for you to find out. Get ready, this is possibly the biggest moment of your life to date.

Take this quiz to truly find out which item in the Christmas dinner you are:

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