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Take this simple quiz and we’ll give you a Netflix Christmas movie to watch

Crucially: Do you or do you not like Vanessa Hudgens?

This year, Netflix might have just saved 2020 with the amount of Christmas movies it has put up. There are basically enough films for you to start watching now and never stop until the new year, which on reflection sounds like a bit of a plan.

So if you’re sat thinking, where the hell do I begin?! (same), this quiz is about to give you a helping hand. There are some classic Netflix Christmas movies, but then there are some really trashy ones – and it takes a certain type of person to enjoy back-to-back appearances from Vanessa Hudgens.

If you answer the following simple, Christmas themed, questions in the quiz below we’ll give you a recommendation.

Take this quiz and we will recommend you one of the many Netflix Christmas movies to watch:

If you’re unhappy with your result or you’ve already seen it, here’s a full list of some of the best (and trashiest) Netflix Christmas films there are which you can dig into: The Princess Switch, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, Holidate, The Christmas Chronicles (and the second one), The Knight Before Christmas, A Bad Moms Christmas, A Christmas Prince (and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby), The Holiday, The Grinch, Nativity (and Nativity 2 and 3), Christmas Inheritance, Operation Christmas Drop, Let It Snow and Christmas Wonderland. Yes, there are more but I think that should tidy you over for this year.

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