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Take this simple quiz and we’ll give you a Netflix Christmas movie to watch

Crucially: Do you or do you not like Vanessa Hudgens?


Every year, Netflix saves us with the amount of Christmas movies it puts up. This year, we were even treated to a Lindsay Lohan revival! There are basically enough films for you to start watching now and never stop until the new year, which on reflection sounds like a bit of a plan.

So if you’re sat thinking, where the hell do I begin?! (same), this quiz is about to give you a helping hand. There are some classic Netflix Christmas movies, but then there are some really trashy ones – and it takes a certain type of person to enjoy back-to-back appearances from Vanessa Hudgens.

If you answer the following simple, Christmas themed, questions in the quiz below we’ll give you a recommendation.

Take this quiz and we will recommend you one of the many Netflix Christmas movies to watch:

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