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Quiz: Which Vanessa Hudgens character in The Princess Switch 2 are you?

I’m the wild cousin, obviously

The Princess Switch: Switched Again on Netflix is all about three girls who might have strikingly similar faces, but their personalities and lives couldn’t be any more different. So if you watched the film and couldn’t help but wonder which of three girls Vanessa Hudgens plays in The Princess Switch 2 you are most like, this quiz is about to tell you.

There’s the co-ordinated and organised Chicago baker turned Duchess, Stacy, who may be caring and fun but she always has to make plans and stick to them. Then there’s the more spontaneous and happy-go-lucky Margaret, who is destined for a carefree life but being forced to learn how to become strict and powerful just like a Queen should be. Or finally there’s Margaret’s cousin Fiona. Where do we start with Fiona? She’s wild and a complete loose cannon. End of.

The three characters Vanessa Hudgens plays really do show all of the spectrum. But you can only truly be like one of them, so it’s time to find out in the quiz below.

Take this quiz to find out which of the three girls in The Princess Switch 2 you are:

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